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Manual abstract: user guide SONY HANDYCAM NEX-7/BGETTING STARTED

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ved utskifting benyttes kun batteri som anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten. Använd samma batterityp eller en likvärdig typ som rekommenderas av apparattillverkaren. VAROITUS Paristo voi räjähtää jos se on virheellisesti asennettu. [. . . ] Adjusting brightness, contrast, and so on, improves the visibility of the viewfinder screen. Although these adjustments may make the viewfinder image clearer, they have no effect on the output video signal from the camcorder. to an AC power source Chapter 2 Preparation Avoiding breaks in operation due to an exhausted battery When the battery pack is becoming exhausted, you can perform battery replacement without causing a break to the camcorder operation by using an AC adaptor. Fitting the viewfinder Remove any microphone from the viewfinder beforehand. 1 Slide the viewfinder into the holder on the camera, then tighten the viewfinder left-to-light position fixing ring. 1 2 Turn the AC-550 AC adaptor on. Connect an AC-550 AC Adaptor to an AC power source, then connect it to the DC IN connector of the camcorder (page 29). The power source switches automatically from the battery pack to the AC adaptor connected to the DC IN connector. Note Viewfinder left-to-right position fixing ring There may be some noise on the video signal at the time of power source switching. 2 Connect the viewfinder connector to the VF connector. VF connector 3 Replace the battery pack with a fully charged one. Note Push the connector all the way into the VF connector. To remove the viewfinder Reverse the fitting procedure. Please note that you should slide the viewfinder out while pulling the viewfinder stopper up. 30 Adjusting the Viewfinder To use the camcorder with your left eye By fitting a left eye adaptor to the DXF-801, you can use the camcorder with your left eye to the viewfinder. Note image for your eyesight. Using an optional part of the DXF-801 allows you to modify the adjustment range to ­2 to +1 diopters or ­ 0. 5 to +3 diopters. For details, consult your Sony dealer. You cannot stow the camcorder in the carrying case with the left-eye adaptor attached. For details, consult your Sony dealer. To adjust contrast and brightness Carry out these adjustments with the color bars displayed. Chapter 2 Preparation Adjusting the viewfinder position To adjust the viewfinder left-to-right position, loosen the left-to-right fixing ring, and to adjust the front-to-back position, loosen the front-to-back position locking knob. 1 2 3 Set the OUTPUT/DCC switch to the BARS position. Watching the color bars, turn the CONTRAST and BRIGHT controls to adjust the contrast and brightness. Return the OUTPUT/DCC switch to its original position. Viewfinder left-to-right position fixing ring To adjust the outline emphasis Turning the PEAKING control changes the degree of outline emphasis in the viewfinder image, to make focusing easier. Viewfinder front-to-back position locking knob Attaching a 5-inch electronic viewfinder You can attach an optional DXF-51 (5-inch) Electronic Viewfinder. To attach it, an Accessory Shoe Kit (part number A-8274-968-B) is required. ECM-670/672 or similar microphone m 5 Connect the microphone cable to the AUDIO IN CH1 or CH-2 connector. · The camcorder can use a microphone with an input level of ­ 60 dB. Other microphones may not be suitable for use with this camcorder due to differences in the input level. · In order for the AUDIO IN CH-1 and CH-2 connectors on the camcorder to be able to provide a phantom 48 V power supply, female XLR connectors (3-pin) are fitted. · When you detach a CAC-12 Microphone Holder once you have attached to the camcorder, be careful not to lose the two screws fixing the CAC-12. After detaching the CAC-12, be sure to put the two screws back into their original places. Using a wireless microphone system You can use the wireless microphone system including following models to record sound. · UHF Wireless Microphone NTSC system: WRT-807B, WRT-847B PAL system: WRT-807A/B, WRT-847A/B · UHF Synthesized Transmitter NTSC system: WRT-8B, WRT-822B PAL system: WRT-8B, WRT-822A/B · UHF Synthesizer Tuner NTSC system: WRR-855B, WRR-861B, WRR-862B PAL system: WRR-855A/B, WRR-861A/B (in Australia and Asia only), WRR-862A/B Preparing Audio Input System 35 For details on using the wireless microphone system, see the operating instructions for the microphone and tuner. To attach a WRR-861/862 (When using a BP-GL65/GL95/L60S Battery Pack) To attach a WRR-855 1 Attach a WRR tuner fitting (not supplied, service part number A-8278-057-A) to the back of the camcorder. 1 Use a Phillips type screwdriver to tighten the four screws placed in the tuner fitting as illustrated below. 2 Loosen the adjustment screws of the tuner fitting. 1 Open the cover of the WRR connector. WRR connector Chapter 2 Preparation 3 Adjust the tuner fitting position for a BP-GL65/ GL95/L60S Battery Pack to be attached, and tighten the adjustment screws to fix its position. 2 Turn on a WRR-855, and set the MUTING to ON or OFF. The power of a WRR-855 can be synchronized with the POWER switch of the camcorder. 4 Attach the mount plate supplied with the WRR861/862. BP-GL65/GL95/L60S 3 Insert the WRR-855 into the CA-WR855. Adjustment screws Fasten the screws (supplied with the WRR-855). Mount plate (supplied with WRR-861/862) Back of the camcorder Phillips type screwdriver 4 Fit the attachment plate on the rear side of the CAWR855 to the V-groove on the battery attachment interface, and then slide the CA-WR855 down until it connects to the WRR connector. 2 Attach the battery pack. For details about attaching the battery pack, see "Using a battery pack" on page 29. 3 Mount the tuner on the WRR tuner fitting. WRR-861/862 CA-WR855 5 Set one of the AUDIO IN (CH-1/CH-2) switches to WRR (wireless). For details about the WRR tuner fitting (part number A-8278-057-A), contact your Sony service representatives. 36 Preparing Audio Input System 4 5 Connect the tuner power cord to the DC OUT connector of the camcorder, and the audio output cable to the AUDIO IN CH-1 or CH-2 connector. [. . . ] While recording, the REC indicator in the viewfinder lights. Recording Analog Composite Signals (with a CBK-SC01 InstalledDSR-450WS/450WSP only) Installing a CBK-SC01 Composite Input Board in the camcorder enables you to record analog composite signals from external equipment connected to the GENLOCK IN connector. To interrupt interval recording Press the REC button on the camcorder or the VTR button on the lens. When the button is pressed during interval recording Recording in Interval Rec mode stops. Press the REC or VTR button again to start recording in Interval Rec mode again. When the button is pressed during a pause of interval recording Recording in Interval Rec mode stops, and normal recording starts. [. . . ]


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