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[. . . ] (マウント標点) を 2 レンズとカメラの白の点 FE 16-35mm F2. 8 GM E-mount SEL1635GM  合わせてはめ込み、 レンズを軽くカメラに押 し当てながら、 時計方向に 「カチッ」 とロック がかかるまでゆっくり回す。 To switch AF (auto focus)/ MF (manual focus) The focus mode can be switched between AF and MF on the lens. For MF photography, either or both the camera or lens should be set to MF. [. . . ] ˎˎDo not hold by the part of the lens that protrudes 取りはずしかた レンズフードのフード取りはずしボタンを押し ながら、 反時計方向に回してはずす。 when zooming. ˎˎThis lens is not water-proof, although designed with dust-proofness and splash-proofness in mind. For further information on compatibility, visit the web site of Sony in your area, or consult your dealer of Sony or local authorized service facility of Sony. Precautions on using a flash ˎˎWhen using a flash, always remove the lens hood and  ©2016 Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand  ズームする ズームリングを回して、 希望の焦点 離 (ズーム の位置) に合わせる。 shoot at least 1 m (3. With certain combinations of lens and flash, the lens may partially block the light of the flash, resulting in a shadow at the bottom of the picture. The focus is fixed and you can release the shutter on the fixed focus. Release the focus hold button while pressing the shutter button halfway to start AF again. Specifications Product name (Model name) Focal length (mm) 35mm equivalent focal length*1 (mm) Lens groups-elements Angle of view 1*2 Angle of view 2*2 Minimum focus*3 (m (feet)) Maximum magnification (X) Minimum aperture Filter diameter (mm) Dimensions (maximum diameter × height) (approx. 6 (3 1/2 x 4 7/8) 680 (24) No Vignetting ˎˎWhen using the lens, the corners of the screen  ピントを合わせる •• 本製品のフォーカスモードスイッチは、 一部のカメラ本 体においてお使いになれません。 • become darker than the center. To reduce this phenomena (called vignetting), close the aperture by 1 to 2 stops. Ό Identifying the Parts 1 Lens hood index 2 Focusing ring 3 Zooming ring 4 Focal-length scale 5 Focal-length index 6 Lens contacts* 7 Lens hood 8 Hood release button 9 Focus hold button 10 Focus mode switch 11 Mounting index 12 Lens mount rubber ring * Do not touch the lens contacts. Jp/support/ichigan/ レンズ側の設定 フォーカスモードスイッチを、AFまたはMFの いずれか設定したいほうに合わせる 。 (1) •• カメラのフォーカスモードの設定方法については、 カメ ラの取扱説明書をご覧ください。 •• MFではファインダー等を見ながらフォーカスリングを 回して、 ピントを合わせます (2) 。  Attaching and Detaching the Lens To attach the lens (See illustration –. )  –1 AF/MFコントロールボタンを装備したカメラをお 使いの場合 •• AF動作時にAF/MFコントロールボタンを押すと、 一時的 にMFへ切り替えることができます。 •• MF動作時にAF/MFコントロールボタンで一時的にAFへ 切り替えができるのは、 レンズの設定がAF、 カメラの設 定がMFの場合となります。 1 Remove the rear and front lens caps and the camera body cap. ˎˎ You can attach/detach the front lens cap in two ways, (1) and (2). When you attach/detach the lens cap with the lens hood attached, use method (2). *1 This is the equivalent focal length in 35mm format when mounted on an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera equipped with an APS-C sized image sensor. [. . . ] ) While holding down the lens release button on the camera, rotate the lens counterclockwise until it stops, then detach the lens. 19 F22  Attaching the Lens Hood It is recommended that you use a lens hood to reduce flare and ensure maximum image quality. Ǝ点* 7 レンズフード 8 フード取りはずしボタン Align the red line on the lens hood with the red line on the lens (lens hood index), then insert the lens hood into the lens mount and rotate it clockwise until it clicks into place and the red dot on the lens hood is aligned with the red line on the lens. [. . . ]


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