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[. . . ] ˆ∙ Devices for cooking should be placed in a stable position by using the handles in order to avoid the spillage of hot liquids. ˆ∙ The appliance must not be operated using a timer or a separate remote system!ˆ∙ After using the appliance or if the appliance malfunctions, always pull out the plug. 12 Safety information ∙∙ Keep the power supply cord away from hot parts. [. . . ] Place deep fat fryer on table, not against the wall, in a corner or beneath an extractor 1) 2) hood. Place oil that is suitable for deep fat frying into the deep fat fryer. If hard vegetable fat is being used, proceed as follows: Place the pieces onto the heating element. The control knob to You can also place the hard fat in the inner pot and liquefy this fat on the stove at a low temperature. Then put the pan back into the deep fat fryer housing (caution: hot) and suspend the heating element properly. However if this is activated anyway, switch off, press the "Restart" button on the back of the electrical part with a 5mm 4) 3) 5) diameter pen (e. Then allow the heating element to cool for a while and remove it from the guide rail on the outer casing. The overheating protection activates if the amount of fat in the device is below the minimum or the fat has become contaminated with too much food (e. The MAX mark must not be exceeded, and filling level must not drop below the Min mark. The heating element on the bottom of the container must always be covered with oil or liquid fat. Never operate the device without fat or with an insufficient amount of fat. The fat that has melted at the heating element is otherwise unable to penetrate the solid layer above it. If the overheating protection switches the device off, press the "Restart" button as described above. Carefully make several holes in the fat using an object made from wood or plastic. Keep lid closed during the melting procedure in order to avoid spatter. Set regulator to required temperature depending on what is being fried. Place the prepared food into the frying basket and distribute over the entire surface. The filter lid provides protection from fat spatter and reduces the smell of fat. If the fat foams up excessively, open lid and raise and lower the basket several times by raising and lowering the handle until the foaming subsides. Keep the fryer closed during frying, which will prevent spatter and the frying fumes that are generated can be absorbed by the filter in the lid. 16 Baskets The long basket is for fish or schnitzels and larger quantities. Monitoring the deep fat frying procedure When the food is cooked The frying procedure can be monitored through the inspection window in the lid. [. . . ] If the fat has taken on a little taste, this can be improved by setting the temperature to just below 150°C and putting a handful of spinach leaves, parsley, lettuce leaves or 2 potatoes that have been peeled, sliced and well dried into the hot fat and leaving them to brown. Storing oil or fat If the fryer is used at regular intervals, the fat can be kept in the fryer with the lid closed. If the fryer is stored in a cool, dry location, the fat can be kept in the fryer for for some weeks. If you do not fry frequently, the filtered fat can be kept in a sealed container that is protected from the light. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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