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[. . . ] Quick start manual DIGIT ISIO STC DIGIT ISIO STC+ Digital Multituner-UHD Receiver with Internet access Dear Customer, Congratulations for choosing the DIGIT ISIO STC / DIGIT ISIO STC+ digital receiver. The operating manual supplied is intended to help you to utilise the comprehensive functions of your new digital receiver to the fullest extent. We have kept the operating instructions as brief as possible and have used terminology that everybody can understand. The range of functions of your receiver is constantly being expanded by means of software updates. [. . . ] During volume adjustment, the currently set volume is displayed at the top of the screen. When you switch on the digital receiver, sound will be reproduced at the volume level last set. The volume control and mute button also control and mute the digital audio outputs (not in the case of the Bitstream setting). 1 Switching to mute > To switch the sound off (mute), press the Sound on / off button - press this button again to switch the sound back on. 36 Throughout the time that the volume is switched to mute, the the upper right of the screen. Headphones, its volume can be controlled when switched to mute without unmuting the device. 7 Selecting a different language / sound option For some channels you have the option of selecting a different sound option (Dolby Digital, Stereo or Audio Channel 1 or Audio Channel 2) or another language. If various audio options or languages are available for a channel, this will be displayed to you with the Audio message, together with the currently selected audio option or language, at the bottom of the extended channel information. If a configured programme is also broadcast in Dolby Digital sound, the appears in the infobox. > symbol also Using the Options selection you can select the language / sound option you want via the Sound option. 8 Freeze frame > > Press the Freeze frame button; the current TV picture will be displayed as a still image. 9 Teletext Your receiver can display teletext information on channels that broadcast teletext data. The symbol in the Infobox indicates that the programme provider is offering an HbbTV application. Display and use of the HbbTV application is determined by the data received. After a few seconds, the box appears at the lower right of the screen indicating the availability of HbbTV content. Depending on the speed of the Internet connection, there may be slow response times or short interruptions. In the HbbTV application you can use the arrow keys or the keys displayed there to move the highlight. You can use the OK button to confirm the highlighted item and call this up, as long as the highlighted item has additional subitems. You can exit the HbbTV application by pressing the Back button or by pressing the colour button displayed in the application itself. During operation please be sure to take note of messages and displays on the screen. 11 Subtitles When switching on a transmission, which is broadcast with subtitles, the subtitles icon appears in the Info box . > Using the Options selection function under the Subtitles menu item, you can select the subtitles you wish to display. [. . . ] In particular, HDP accepts no liability for ensuring that specific programming can be received at a certain time; this does not apply if HDP is responsible for a fault. The user recognises that the quality of the programming that is decrypted or made accessible is dependent on the one hand on the signal quality provided by third parties and, on the other, on the performance capability of the playback device used by the user, both of which fall outside of HDP's responsibility. The user also recognises that the recording and playback of recorded programmes can be limited by third parties. HDP hereby points out that software programs are not developed such that they run without errors under all conditions. [. . . ]


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