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[. . . ] Safety and operating instructions ___________________________ 2 Installation and hook-up __________________________________ 5 Description of the controls ________________________________ 9 Operating instructions ___________________________________ 15 Cleaning and maintenance _______________________________ 27 Troubleshooting _______________________________________ 31 Thank you for choosing one of our products. You are advised to read this manual carefully; it contains all the information you need about the right conditions for the proper, safe use of your dishwasher. The individual sections are laid out to provide you with a step-by-step guide to all your appliance's functions; the texts are easy to understand and are complete with detailed illustrations. Recommendations are given for the correct use of the baskets, spray arms, containers, filters, washing programs, and for operating the controls. [. . . ] € • • • • To adjust the rinse aid setting, rotate the dispenser cap through a quarter turn in an anticlockwise direction and remove it. Then use a screwdriver to rotate the rinse aid selector to the desired position. The amount of rinse aid must be increased if the washed dishes appear dull or feature circular stains. If, on the other hand, the dishes are sticky or have white streaks, it is necessary to reduce the rinse aid setting. 18 User instructions ADDING THE DETERGENT To open the detergent dispenser cap, lightly press the button P. € • • • • • When a program with hot prewash is selected (see program table), extra detergent must be placed in the cavity G/H (depending on models). For optimal washing results it is important to use a good quality detergent. The detergent packs must be sealed and stored in a dry place to prevent the formation of lumps which may negatively affect washing results. Once opened the detergent packs should not be kept for too long, otherwise the detergent loses its effectiveness. Do not use detergents formulated for washing dishes by hand, because they produce a great deal of foam and may negatively affect the operation of the dishwasher. An insufficient amount of detergent will result in a partial removal of dirt from the dishes, whereas an excessive amount is wasteful and does not improve the washing results. The market offers liquid and powder detergents with differing chemical compositions, which may contain phosphates, or be phosphate-free but contain natural enzymes. - Detergents containing phosphates are more effective against grease and starch at temperatures above 60° . C - Enzyme detergents, on the other hand, are also effective at lower temperatures (from 40 to 55° ) and are more easily C biodegradable. With enzyme detergents it is possible to obtain at low temperatures comparable results to those which can only be achieved at 65° using traditional detergents. C For the safeguarding of the environment we recommend the use of phosphate- and chlorine free detergents. 19 User instructions • "3/1" Products If you wish to use detergents which already contain salt and rinse aid, check whether your dishwasher is fitted with the "3/1 option button" on the "Controls description" page and then refer to the section which explains how to use this function. If the button is not provided, we recommend the use of conventional products (separate detergent, salt and rinse aid), because with conventional washing cycles "3/1" products might create problems such as a white deposit, poor drying results and residues left on dishes. The introduction of detergent into the rinse aid dispenser, even in liquid form, will damage the dishwasher. 3 General warnings and recommendations Before using the dishwasher for the first time, it is advisable to read the following recommendations concerning dish types to be washed and their loading. There are generally no constraints on the washing of domestic dishes, but in certain cases it is necessary to take their characteristics into account. Before loading the dishes into the baskets it is necessary to: • remove coarse food remains: e. [. . . ] Check that the cap of the salt container is securely closed, and that the water softening setting is correct. € • If after following the above troubleshooting instructions the problem persists, call the nearest After-Sales Centre. WARNING: any operations performed on the appliance by unauthorised persons are not covered by the warranty and shall be paid for by the user. Troubleshooting The dishwasher is capable of signalling a number of faults through the simultaneous illumination of several indicator lights, with the following meanings: FAULT DESCRIPTION Acquastop failure The anti-flooding system has been activated. [. . . ]


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