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[. . . ] Stop an ringing alarm: press Mute a ringing alarm: press (rings again in 5 minutes). RADIO Enable/disable the FM Radio: Enter menu with _ Extras _ FM Radio _ or Search/enter a station: ¡ Search channels with or . (automatical search) The found channels are stored in the Channel list. ¡ When the frequency of the desired station is known, select Options with _ Manual input _ enter with keypad. [. . . ] ¡ Using this product in ways other than described above will damage the device, and may be hazardous (electric shock, fire, etc. The entire product must not be altered or rebuilt, and the housing must not be opened. ¡ The power plug is suitable only for use with residential-type outlets of the public mains with 230 Volt/ 50 Hz (10/16 A) alternating current. 3: Insert the memory card (optional) INSERT THE BATTERY AND CHARGING _ SUPPORT ¡ TELME Service Centre Industriezeile 36 · At WARRANTY ¡ This warranty is valid only if the original telme batteries are used. ¡ Mobil phone: 12 months ¡ Battery: 6 months SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ¡ Switch off the mobile phone in hospitals or in the vicinity of medical equipment, as the mobile phone may cause it to malfunction. Keep your mobile phone a minimum distance of 20 cm away from a pacemaker if it is turned on. ¡ Never drive a car while holding the mobile phone in your hand. Observe national laws and traffic regulations governing the use of mobile phones in traffic. ¡ You must switch off the mobile phone in the vicinity of petrol/gas stations and other places where there are explosive materials. ¡ Donít shine the torch/flashlight directly into the eyes of people or animals. ¡ If the speaker or headset is set at high volume, this can cause hearing damage. Never hold the phone to your ear when the speakerphone mode or the emergency button is activated. ¡ As a precaution, we recommend disconnecting the charger from the phone during a thunderstorm. 4: The battery contacts have to touch the gold coloured contacts of the mobile phone. 5: Slide battery cover back to its previous position until it locks with a click. ¡ Battery is charging: bars in the battery icon fill up ¡ Battery is fully charged: bars in the battery icon stop moving Please note: The battery should be charged for at least 4 hours before your first call. Use only batteries and chargers which are approved for use with this model. Volume adjustment & ¡ Change the receiver volume ¡ If telephone rings: press to turn off the ringer (it will ring again for the next call) Arrow keys ¡ Scroll through phone book and menus ¡ In standby access the menu with ¡ In standby access Phonebook with ¡ Hearing Radio: or for channel search Make or receive a call/OK key ¡ Make or receive a call ¡ In menu: select ¡ In standby: access to Call list (dialled, received, missed calls) - key / Voicemail key Press and hold: connect to your voicemail Star key ¡ Press and hold: + (for country codes, i. € ( ) @ - + $ € etc) ¡ Press twice: activate shortcut function - key ¡ When writing (SMS, phone book): insert a space End Call/Back/Delete key ¡ During a call: end call ¡ In menu: one step back ¡ When entering numbers or text: delete ¡ To switch on or off: press and hold for 2 seconds Key lock ¡ Press and hold: enable/disable key lock Camera - key ¡ Press to turn on the camera Alarm ¡ Press to access the alarm settings Emergency button ¡ Press to start emergency call process Pound key ¡ Press and hold: enable/disable mute ¡ When writing: Switch from upper to lower case or numbers ¡ press twice: activate shortcut function Flashlight ¡ Press and hold: turn the torch on/off DISPLAY SYMBOLS Signal strength Roaming Battery indicator Keylock enabled Missed call Call forwarding New text Alarm on Profile: Silent (mute) Profile: Meeting Profile: Maximum USB connected FIRST STEPS Press and hold the -key for 2 seconds to switch on the phone. When using a new SIM card, enter the 4 digit PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) and confirm with . Note: The PIN-Code is a 4-digit number combination preventing others from switching on your mobile phone. Incoming call: ¡ Pick up: press the -key ¡ Reject: press the -key ¡ Muting the ringer temporarily: press the -key End a call: press the -key Dialling: Enter the phone number with the keypad (including area code with 0) _ start call with . [. . . ] Search a Phonebook entry: Enter menu with _ enter Phonebook with , _ enter the initial letters of the searched name (may continue to scroll with ). _ When the requested name is shown, select Options with for Call, Send SMS, View, Edit, Delete this, Delete several, Delete all contacts, Copy, Copy all, Phonebook settings. tEXT MESSAGE (SMS) SMS (Short Message Service) is a short text message , up to 160 characters in length. Writing text: Enter menu with _ enter SMS with _ choose Write message with . [. . . ]


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