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[. . . ] On a balcony or in a tent), make absolutely certain that it is protected from humidity (dew, rain, splashes) and from heat. If the set has spent some time in a cold atmosphere, (after transport during winter), wait until the condensation has evaporated from the metal parts before connecting it. The set is intended to operate at an ambient temperature of less than 40° Celsius and a maximum humidity level of 95%. It must not, under any circumstances, be used for industrial purposes, as it was designed for domestic use only. [. . . ] - For switching between the TV or the Radio services list, press the TV/RADIO button. - If your channel has teletext features, then for teletext direct access, press the TXT button. - For DVB Subtitling see Menu/Installation/Terminal/Language or press SUB button. - For a direct access to a favourite list (if Favourite Lists have already been created), press the colour buttons. - To display all lists (Favourite lists and the All Channels list), press the WHITE/LIST button. Select the desired list with the p/q buttons and press OK to switch to the selected channel list. To benefit from our policy of continuous improvement, note that this set-top box is upgradeable through download “over the air”. Therefore we highly recommend you to try regularly to update your set using the manual activation in the menu (see Menu/Installation/Terminal/Upgrade). 2 Remote Control and behaviour - When the adapter is running, the LED is green; in standby mode the LED is red. BACK Active only in video mode, allows toggling between the 2 last channels. P/q In the viewing mode, tunes to the next/previous channel Moves up/down through menus. OK Selects or confirms a choice Opens the current channel list (favourite list and All Channels list). T VOL- / u VOL+ In the viewing mode, increases/ decreases audio volume Moves left/right through menus. TXT Opens the teletext / Opens the teletext transparency mode / Closes the teletext (if the channel displays teletext). Menu language Audio Preference Channels Parental lock PIN code Erase Channels Information Install all TV & radio. The ‘All channels’ list displays on the left while you can view in a resized video picture on the right the current program of the highlighted channel. This sub-menu allows you to reorganize the All channels list and set a channel protection on some channels. Note: For a direct access the ‘All channels’ list without reorganizing channels, press the WHITE/LIST button, select All channels and press OK. delete Channels from the channel list (to remove unwished channels): 1. Press OK button to delete all channels selected with the red garbage bin, or press EXIT to cancel this operation. Press the (Green) button to display a green twin-arrow icon on the right of the channel name. Use the p/q buttons to move the selected channel to its new position in the list. [. . . ] Trouble shooting If the receiver does not work properly after checking the trouble shooting section, please contact the dealer. Check if the TV is switched on and set your TV to the correct EXT / AV or UHF channel. Check if the scart and/or RF cable is connected correctly to the TV and to the back of the receiver. Replace the scart cable Switch off receiver; disconnect the main power cord of the receiver from the 230V mains. [. . . ]


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