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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € It is important to keep this booklet for future reference at any time: in the case of sale, cession or move, make sure it is kept together with the product. € The manufacturer declines all responsibility, for any eventual inconveniences, damages or fires caused by not complying with the instructions in this manual. € Use work gloves for all installation, cleaning or maintenance operation. € The hood can have different aesthetic configurations with respect to what is illustrated in the drawings of this manual, however the instructions for use, maintenance and installation remain the same. [. . . ] • Remove the activated charcoal filter(s) (*) if provided (see also related paragraph). It (these) is (are) assembled only if you want to use the hood in the recycling version. € Check that inside the hood there is not (for shipping purposes) other materials provided with the equipment (eg screw (*), warantee certificates (*) etc. If damaged, do not continue with the installation and contact your after‐sales service. INSTALLATION Excessively heavy appliance; handling and installation of the hood should be made by two or more people. The hood features fixing plugs suitable for most types of walls/ceilings. However, it is necessary to contact a qualified technician to ensure that the material is appropriate to the type of wall/ceiling. The wall/ceiling must be strong enough to support the weight of the hood. 3 The minimum distance between the container support area on the cooking appliance and the lowest part of the range hood must not be less than 50cm in the case of electric cookers and 65cm in the case of gas or mixed cooker. If the installation instructions for the gas hob specify a greater distance, this must be taken into account Warning !Failure to follow the instructions in this Instruction Book may cause electrical hazards. if in doubt , consult an authorized service centre or an authorized technician. Electrical connection The electrical connection of the hood to the electrical system must be performed by qualified and specialized technical staff. The voltage must correspond to the rating indicated on the nameplate located inside the hood. If there is a socket, connect the hood to a wall socket compliant with the standards in force and located in an area accessible after installation as well. If there is no socket (direct connection to the electrical circuit), or if it is not in an area accessible after installation too, apply a standard circuit breaker to ensure the complete disconnection of the hood from the mains under conditions of overvoltage category III, in accordance with installation instructions. Before reconnecting the hood circuit to the power supply and checking the efficient operation, always check that the power cable is correctly assembled. The hood is equipped with a special power cable; in the event of cable damage, you must order a new one to the Technical Support Service 4 USE Ducting version Fumes are vented to the outside through a exhaust duct attached to the connection flange which is located above the hood. The diameter of the exhaust pipe must be equal to that of the connection flange. Connect the hood to the tubes and vent holes of the wall of a diameter equivalent to the air outlet (connection collar). Recirculation/Filtering version In the case where the evacuation of fumes and vapours towards the outside is not possible, the hood can be used in recirculation mode. The suctioned air will be degreased and deodorized before being sent back into the room. [. . . ] 7 SPECIFICATIONS Below, the product sheet of your hood, following European Regulation No. 0 % D 240 m3/h 581 m3/h 45 dB 66 dB N/A N/A * A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) DISPOSAL As a responsible retailer we care about the environment. As such we urge you to follow the correct disposal procedure for the appliance and packaging materials. This will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects health and the environment. [. . . ]


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