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[. . . ] Owner’s Manual L243*D / W243*D L245*D / W245*D DIGITAL Series This standard owner’s manual is designed to show you how to connect and tune in your Toshiba TV and to operate the most commonly used functions. During the life of your TV firmware updates will be made available to ensure that your TV maintains optimum performance: If your TV is connected to the internet, firmware will be automatically made available. If your TV is not connected to the internet, you can download the latest version of firmware from www. Php If you want to view advanced functions for your TV you can do so by visiting www. [. . . ] SOUND Dual Bass Treble Balance Stable Sound Dynamic Range Control Advanced Sound Settings Audio Level Offset Digital Audio Output Audio Description Dual1 0 0 0 Off On OK OK OK OK Voice Enhancement Voice Enhancement emphasises the frequency range of the speaker’s voice, making it easier to catch what they are saying. Advanced Sound Settings Voice Enhancement Bass Boost Off Low Edit RETURN Back Bass, Treble and Balance The sound controls are accessible in digital and analogue modes. Digital Audio Output Audio Format Audio Delay Audio Delay Time (ms) Auto Manual 0 Audio Level Offset Sometimes there can be large changes in volume when switching from a DTV 5. Using the Audio Level Offset feature reduces these volume differences. Audio Level Offset DTV 2ch ATV External Input 0 0 0 Audio Description Audio Description is an additional narration describing on-screen action, body language, expressions and movements for people with visual disabilities while watching the TV. Audio Description Audio Description Mixing Level On 80 Edit RETURN Back NOTE: The available item changes depending on the current input source. For example, while watching a DTV 2ch programme, only DTV 2ch is available and the other two items are grayed out in the menu. Edit RETURN Back Mixing Level, NOTE: Mixing Level can only be adjusted when Audio Description is On. NOTE: Press the AD button on the remote control to switch the Audio Description 27 On or Off. English Widescreen Viewing Depending on the type of broadcast being transmitted, programmes can be viewed in a number of formats. Use this setting when watching a widescreen DVD, widescreen video tape or a 16:9 broadcast (when available). This setting will show the picture without over scan and side panel when watching a PC signal source via HDMI or PC terminal. Wide (Expect PC) Wide (PC only) 4:3 Use this setting to view a true 4:3 broadcast. Video tapes, this setting will eliminate or reduce the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen by zooming in and selecting the image without distortion. When subtitles are included on a letterbox format broadcast, this setting will raise the picture to ensure that all the text is displayed. Cinema Subtitle Subtitle 14:9 Use this setting when watching a 14:9 broadcast. This option is available when watching video signal source via HDMI or watching DTV (HD signal). 28 English Normal This setting will show the picture without over scan, i. This option is only available when watching a PC signal source via HDMI or PC terminal. Depending on the input signal format, the setting will display the picture with side panels and/or bars at the top and bottom (i. Dot by Dot Press QUICK to display the Quick access Picture Size, Picture Size Picture Mode Sleep Timer Media Player System information HDMI CEC Control Speakers MHL Control Quick access Wide Standard 00:00 OK OK TV Speakers You can choose the picture size from Wide, 4:3, Super Live, Cinema, Subtitle, 14:9, Native, Normal or Dot by Dot. Using the special functions to change the size of the displayed image (i. [. . . ] The default settings and adjustment ranges may vary depending on the input signal format. 52 English Input Signal Selection Use the Input Selection feature if the television does not switch over automatically when using an external device. Input Signal Selection You can select source of AV or S-VIDEO from this function. AV connection AV EXT1 input Edit RETURN Back 53 English Frequently Asked Questions Q A Q A 1 Check that the television is on and that all connections are made properly. [. . . ]


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