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[. . . ] € This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system. Lid View window Bread pan Housing Control Panel Kneading blade 1 2 3 6 4 5 3 Instruction manual BEFORE THE FIRST USE • Clean the bread maker, the bread pan and the kneading blade with a damp cloth. For cleaning the bread pan and the kneading blade do not use any sharp or abrasive agents for the consideration of protecting the non-stick coating. € As soon as the bread maker is plugged into power supply, a beep will be heard and “1 3:00” will be displayed. [. . . ] € Baking program 5: Sweet For breads with additives such as fruit juices, grated coconut, raisins, dry fruits, chocolate or added sugar. Usually the bread made is smaller and rougher than that made with Quick program. Remove the dough and use for making bread rolls, pizza, steamed bread, etc. € Program 10: Cake Kneading, rise and baking, but rise with soda or baking powder. € Program 12: Bake For additional baking of breads that are too light or not baked through. Color With the button you can select light, medium or dark color for the crust. This button is not applicable for the following program: CAKE, SANDWICH, BAKE, DOUGH and JAM. Press the LOAF SIZE button to choose your desired gross weight, see the mark beneath it for reference. € This button is only applicable for the following program: BASIC, FRENCH, WHOLE WHEAT, SWEET and SANDWICH. Delay ( or ) • If you want the appliance do not start working immediately you can use this button to set the delay time. € You must decide how long it will be before your bread is ready by pressing the or . That is, at the completion of delay time, there is hot bread can be serviced. At first the program and degree of browning must be selected, then pressing or to increase or decrease the delay time at the increment of 10 minutes. M, if you would like your bread to be ready in the next morning at 7 o’clock, i. Select your menu, color, loaf size then press the or to add the time until 10:30 appears on the LCD. Then press the START/STOP button to activate this delay program and the indicator will light up. You can see the dot flashed and LCD will count down to show the remaining time. You will get fresh bread at 7:00 in the morning, if you don’t want to take out the bread immediately, the keeping warm time of 1hour starts. Keep warm Bread can be automatically kept warm for 1 hour after baking. During keeping warm, if you would like to take the bread out, switch the program off by pressing the START/STOP button. EN USE • Place the bread pan in position, and then turn it clockwise until they click in correct position. It is recommended to fill hole with heat-resisting margarine prior to place the kneading blade to avoid the dough sticking the kneading blade, also this would make the kneading blade be removed from bread easily. [. . . ] € For the detailed warranty conditions, please refer to our service website: www. Eu GUIDELINES FOR PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT This appliance should not be put into the domestic garbage at the end of its durability, but must be offered at a central point for the recycling of electric and electronic domestic appliances. This symbol on the appliance, instruction manual and packaging puts your attention to this important issue. By recycling of used domestic appliances you contribute an important push to the protection of our environment. [. . . ]


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