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[. . . ] INSTALLATION Notes: • Choose the mounting location where the unit will not interfere with the normal driving function of the driver. €¢ Before finally installing the unit, connect the wiring temporarily and make sure the unit and the system work properly. €¢ Use only the parts included with the unit to ensure proper installation. €¢ Consult your nearest dealer if installation requires drilling of holes or other modifications of the vehicle. [. . . ] Note: Bass/Treble selections are only active when the DSP (Digital Sound Processor) is switched off. Press SEL button (22) for 2 seconds, it will trigger a series of Advanced RDS setting. €¢ SOUND Press SOUND button (23) to turn on sound DSP function (Digital Sound Processor) and to select desired audio mode. There are five kinds of mode as below: FLAT CLASSICS POP M ROCK M DSP OFF Activating the DSP overrides the prior selected Bass/Treble settings. €¢ LOUDNESS Press LOUD button (8) for 2 seconds to reinforce the bass output and display will show “LOUD”. €¢ FLASHING LED If the front panel is removed from the unit, the LED (25) will be flashing. • STATION SELECTION Press TUNE/TRACK buttons (10) or (11) shortly to activate automatic seek function. Press for 2 seconds until “MANUAL” appeared on the display, the manual tuning mode is selected. If both buttons have not pressed for several seconds, they will retune to seek tuning mode and “AUTO” appeared on the display. • AUTOSTORE - Automatic Memory Storing Press AST button (7) for 2 seconds. The radio searches for 6 strongest stations and stores them into the presets of the currently selected band. Note: Any stations that were previously stored in this memory bank are replaced by the new stations. €¢ STATION STORE AND RECALL Press any one of the preset button for 2 seconds to store the current tuned frequency in this memory. Press any one of the preset buttons briefly (1 to 6) to recall a station, which had been stored in the memory. rDS (RADIO DATA SYSTEM) OPERATION The RDS data are the PI , PS , TP , PTY , TA and AF data. PI: Program Identification Code Code for identifying program PS: Program Service Name Broadcast station name data expressed in alphanumerically character TP: Traffic Program Identification Identification data for traffic information broadcasting station TA: Traffic Announcement Identification Identification data showing traffic information is being transmitted or not AF: Alternative Frequencies Frequency list of broadcasting station transmitting the same program Setting AF Mode - Press AF button (13) briefly to switch on/off AF mode. - Whenever AF is switched on , symbol “AF” appears on the display. - The tuner will return to Alternative Frequencies whenever the reception signals getting worse. - “ALARM” will be displayed when an emergency broadcasting is received; meanwhile sound output level will be adjusted to the preset output level automatically when the volume control is set at minimum. Regional Program Operation - Press AF button (13) for 2 seconds to switch on or off regional mode. 8 - When region is on, the current listening program remains unchanged. When region is off, it allows the reception moves to the regional station. [. . . ] €¢ TRACK SCAN The scan function enables you to listen to the first few seconds of each track. €¢ PLAY ALL TRACKS IN RANDOM ORDER During CD operation, press SHUFFLE button (18) to play all tracks on the disc in random order. €¢ EJECT Press button (9) to stop CD playing and eject the disc from the disc slot (5). 9 English MAINTENANCE The following suggestions help you care for the product so that you can enjoy it for years. [. . . ]


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