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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Has determined that this product meets the Energy Star© guidelines for energy efficiency. No part of this manual may be reproduced except for your express personal use. Wacom reserves the right to revise this publication without obligation to provide notification of such changes. Wacom does its best to provide current and accurate information in this manual. [. . . ] Com/productsupport Next Steps: To learn more about using Cintiq, proceed to Using the Grip Pen and to Working with Cintiq. See pages 22 and 24 Be sure to adjust the tablet calibration to precisely align the screen cursor position with the location of the pen tip. See page 26 21 Using the Grip Pen WORKING WITH THE GRIP PEN (UP-911E) As you work with Cintiq, you can rest your hand lightly on the display screen, just as if it were a drawing board or sheet of paper. Make sure the side switch is in a convenient location where you can press it with your thumb or forefinger, but won’t accidentally press it while drawing. Eraser DuoSwitch (side switch) Tip switch Note: The Grip Pen should never be stored in a container where it will rest on its tip or eraser. When the pen is not in use, place your pen in the pen stand or lay it flat on your desk. Pen Tip The pen is activated as soon as it enters proximity, about 5 mm (0. This allows you to position the screen cursor or use the DuoSwitch without touching the pen tip to the display screen. When pressure is applied to the pen tip, the tip switch is turned on and the pen simulates a mouse button click. The tip click pressure can be adjusted in the Wacom Tablet Control Panel. When the eraser is within proximity of the active area, the tablet reports the pen coordinates and the pressure applied to the eraser. The eraser can be used as an eraser or assigned to another function, depending on the application. DuoSwitch The DuoSwitch is programmable, and can be used to perform the same click and double-click functions as the tip switch. Toggle the DuoSwitch in either direction to activate the upper or lower button functions. Please refer to the online Help for more information on switch settings. Note: If you do not care to use the side switch, you can remove if by following the directions in DuoSwitch Removal and Installation, on page 40. 22 USING A PEN Pointing and Selecting Move the Grip Pen above the Cintiq display screen to position the screen cursor. The cursor jumps to the location where you place the pen (absolute positioning). Note: If the screen cursor does not closely follow the pen tip, you will need to calibrate the Interactive Pen Display. ) If the screen cursor does not jump to a position close to the pen tip when you place the pen on the display screen, then the tablet driver did not load yet. (See Learning More About Cintiq on page 27 for information on accessing the online Help. ) Clicking Tap the display screen once with the pen tip, or touch the pen to the display screen with enough pressure to generate a mouse click. [. . . ] CAUTION When attaching Cintiq onto an alternate mounting platform, be sure to follow all instructions in the documentation supplied by the platform manufacturer. If improperly installed, the unit could fall, resulting in damage to the unit or physical injury. 0 in) VGA (Analog RGB) DVI (Digital) 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA), 800 x 600 pixels (SGA), 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), others 50 to 75 Hz (vertical) All scan modes are non-interlaced. Production techniques cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect TFT display, and some panels may exhibit a certain number of pixels that show an incorrect color. [. . . ]


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