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[. . . ] EN OPERATING AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BUILT-IN 30cm VITROCERAMIC HOB DESCRIPTION OF THE HOB SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATON Locating Your Built-in Hob Electrical Connection of Your Hob USAGE Turn On and Turn Off The Control Select Heater Turn on dual- and triple zones Set Cooking Level With and Without Heat Boost Turn Off Individual Heaters Timer Function Key Lock Stop & Go F TOUCH CONTROL SAFETY FUNCTIONS Sensor Safety Cut Off Over Temperature Switch Off Operating Time Limitations Residual Heat Functions CLEANING AND CARE 27 28 30 30 32 34 35 35 36 36 37 38 40 42 44 44 45 45 46 47 Dear Customer, It is important that you should read this manual for best performance and to extend the life of your appliance. This guarantee is only applicable if the appliance has been installed and operated in accordance with the operating and installation instructions detailed in this manual. Dual Zone Heater Hob Frame Single Zone Heater Touch Control Panel Vitroceramic Surface Note: Appearance of your hob maybe different than the model shown above due to its configuration. General Safety Warnings - This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. [. . . ] If there is no further operation within 10 sec, the heater falls back into the S-Mode. The heat setting can always be changed by pressing or between level 1-9. Each button operation or each display change is quitted by a buzzer signal. At the same time, the corresponding Dual Zone Indicator goes on statically. Set Cooking Level With and Without Heat Boost All heaters are equipped with heat boost functionality. If the heat boost is active, than the heater will be operated with maximum power for the period of the heat boost time, that is dependent from the selected heat setting. This is indicated through a flashing ´A`, alternating with the heat setting value (e. Once the heat boost time ended only the heat setting will be indicated. If the heat boost should be used for a heater, heater level 9 must be operated by pressing starting from level 0. After setting the heat to level 9 , ´A` will be indicated alternating. 11 The heat boost can be turned off by pressing until heat setting ´0` appears. If the heat boost should be used, it can always be activated by actuating again if the heat setting is set to level 9. Turn Off Individual Heaters A selective heater can be turned off with 3 different ways: . Use of timer turn off function for the corresponding heater Simultaneous operation of and buttons The corresponding heater must be chosen with the Active/Deactive Heater Button , the Decimal Point of the related Heater Display flashes. A buzzer signal sounds and ´0` appears in the heat setting display. If the timer is active for the selected heater, then ´0` will appear in the heater display and also the related timer Cooking Zone Indicator Timer Function and the Timer Display is turned off. If there is a residual heat for this heater remaining, this will be indicated by a static display ´H` in the heat setting display. The minute minder is selected when all Cooking Zone Indicators are statically on or off (no Cooking Zone Indicator is flashing). After successful setting of the minute minder time, the timer starts to decrement the time. The minute minder will not be stopped by switching off the appliance or activating the key lock function, it will proceed increasing the minutes until run out indication. After reaching the ´00` of the timer, buzzer indicates the run out of time. To stop the buzzer you have to confirm the ´run out` by touching any button. [. . . ] The control can calculate roughly how hot the glass is in the worst case. If the calculated temperature is higher than + 60 ° C, then this will be indicated in the corresponding heater display after the heater or the hob control was turned off. The residual heat display is shown as long as the calculated heater temperature is > + 60 ° C. The display of the residual heat has the lowest priority and is overwritten by every other display value, during safety turn offs and displaying an error code. [. . . ]


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