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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] - Installation and maintenance must be carried out by a specialised technician, in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the local safety regulations in force. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically stated in the user manual. - The power cable must be long enough for connecting the appliance, fitted in the cabinet, to the power supply. - For installation to comply with the current safety regulations, an omnipolar switch with minimum contact gap of 3mm is required. [. . . ] - If the cable is provided, see the connection instructions attached to the cable. - Make sure all six screws on the terminal block are tightened after connecting the cables. See the wiring diagram for details (the jumpers can be between L1-L2 and between N1-N2). EN15 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V Connect the yellow/green earth wire to the terminal with the symbol . Remove the terminal block cover (A), undoing the screw and inserting the cover in the terminal block hinge (B). Insert the power cable in the cable clamp and connect the wires to the terminal block as indicated in the connection diagram located near it. Close the cover (C) and screw it on the terminal block with the previously removed screw. Each time the power is connected, the hob performs an automatic check for a few seconds. If the hob already has a power cable, follow the instructions attached to the cable. Connect the appliance to the power supply by means of a multipole switch with minimum contact gap of 3mm. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Control Panel Description Control panel On/Off Timer Control panel lock A Cooking zone controls and corresponding display On/Off Timer Control panel lock “Flexi cook models” B Automatic function/ Ecobooster function Cooking zone controls and corresponding display Switching the hob ON/OFF To switch the hob on, press the button for approx. All the cooking zones are deactivated If the hob has been in use, the residual heat indicator “H” remains lit until the cooking zones have cooled down. If within 10 seconds of switching on, no function is selected, the hob switches off automatically. Switching on and adjusting cooking zones Power indicator display Selected cooking zone indication Once the hob is switched on and the pan is positioned on the chosen cooking zone, select the zone using the corresponding button: the display shows level 5. Each cooking zone has various power levels, adjustable with the +/- buttons, going from “1”: min. The timer display always shows the timer for the selected zone or the shortest timer. To change or switch off the timer, press the zone selection button for the timer in question. Control panel warnings. Residual heat indicator. The hob is fitted with a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. If the residual heat indicator of a given cooking zone is lit, that zone can be used, for example, to keep a dish warm or to melt butter. If you are using a pot that is not suitable, not correctly positioned or not of the correct dimensions for your induction hob, the message “no pot” will appear in the display (see figure at side). If no pot is detected within 60 seconds, the hob switches off. Special functions Some models have special functions: Fast boil function (Booster where is available) This function, only present on some cooking zones, makes it possible to exploit the hob’s maximum power (for example to bring water to the boil very quickly). To activate the function, press the “+” button until “P” appears on the display. After 10 minutes’ use of the booster function, the appliance automatically sets the zone to level 9 (except when using the flexi cook function). EcoBooster With the hob turned on, select the cooking zone with the Eco Booster symbol inside it . To enable/disable the function, press the button The EcoBooster function allows the water to be brought to the boil and kept boiling, avoiding spilling, with a reduction of energy consumption. To optimize this control and ensure the best energy saving, it is advisable to use a pot with bottom width similar to that of the selected cooking zone. [. . . ] water, wines, broth, milk) Ideal for softening butter, gently melting chocolate, thawing small products and keeping just-cooked Melting - defrosting - keeping food warm (e. g. sauces, soups, minestrone) food warm - creaming Ideal for keeping just-cooked food warm, for creaming risottos and for keeping serving dishes warm (with induction-suitable accessory) Support surface Hob in stand-by or off mode (possible end-of-cooking residual heat, indicated by an “H”) NOTE: When making quick-cook foods that require perfect heat distribution (e. g. pancakes) on the 28 cm double cooking zone (where present), use pans no greater than 24 cm in diameter. For delicate cooking (for example, melting chocolate or butter) use the smaller diameter single zones. EN20 Для РФ: ООО «Виерлпул Си-Ай-Эс» 117105, г. [. . . ]


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