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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL ACM 930/1 IXINSTRUCTION FOR USE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS USE AND MAINTENANCE BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL ADVICE OVEN ACCESSORIES CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE AFTER-SALES SERVICE For best use of the oven, carefully read the operating instructions and keep them for future consultation. 4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ELECTRICAL CONNECTION This appliance must be earthed by law. Before connecting the appliance to the electrical supply, check that the earth system in your house is working correctly. Check that unit voltage and power, marked on the rating plate applied on the appliance, are correct for the supply. It is necessary that the feeding network is protected by a powerful switch able to disconnect completely the network with a contacts separation of at least 3 mm. [. . . ] Using 2 or more people, stand range back up onto the cardboard or hardboard. min. 16 11 SERVICE INSTRUCTION All service should be carried out by an authorised service technician only. WARNINGS Before performing any repair or operation, switch the appliance off. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage to person, animals or things caused by failure to observe the rules indicated above. OVEN LIGHTS Always ensure the oven unit is switched off at the mains before replacing the oven light bulb. To remove the light bulb, unscrew the glass cover anticlockwise and remove. Replace with the same type of bulb (Type E14 threaded clear lamp 230/240 v. Replace the lights carefully and turn it clockwise. USE AND MAINTENANCE Be safe Please read the rest of the instruction book which contains important information to help you use the appliance safely and efficiently. USING GAS BURNERS The following symbols are on the control panel next to each knob: Black circle Large flame Small flame gas off maximum setting minimum setting RAPID SEMI-RAPID AUXILIARY TRIPLE CROWN ENERGY SAVING TIPS The diameter of the pan bottom should be the same as that of the burner. Ø max 180 mm 220 mm 120 mm 200 mm 80 mm 160 mm 220 mm 260 mm The minimum position is at the end of the anticlockwise rotation of the knob. AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC IGNITION To turn on a burner, press the knob corresponding to the selected burner and turn it anticlockwise to the max. A warning light on the control panel will light up to inform you that the grill is on. Fig. 6 Automatic electric ignition of oven and grill burner (depending on the models) The oven door must always be completely open, before the burner ignition To ignite the burner press the knob and turn it clockwise to the maximum position, for the oven burner and anticlockwise to the grill position for the grill burner. In case there is no electric current, the burner can also be lighted using a match (Fig. It's necessary to keep on pressing the concerned knob for 10 seconds after the ignition (Fig. If for any reason the burner flame goes out, repeat the procedure as described above. When you will be sure that the burner is on, close softly the oven door. To obtain the desired temperature, turn the knob index to the selected number (Tab. B). OVEN KNOB POSITION 140 170 210 250 TEMPERATURE 140°C 140°C 150°C 160°C 170°C 190°C 210°C 230°C 250°C Second level SURFACE BAKING GRILL (480x240) grill working light Fig. Fit the deflector S onto the centering pins N on the top of the oven opening (Fig. 8 B GRILL SURFACE For optimum cooking results, use the surface indicated on the grill, see figure 8 C. USE OF THE TURNSPIT (according to the models) TURNSPIT single For utilization of the turnspit follow the instructions described. 9), paying attention to block it within the two forks F and to balance it in order to avoid any unnecessary effort in motor R. [. . . ] 1) and place in a solution of hot water and non-abrasive detergent for about 10 minutes. It is advisable to carry out this operation at least once a week or whenever necessary. Make sure to properly refit the burners, turning them slowly so that the burner caps engage in the injector holder seat (if perfectly centred, the burner lowers a little and locks in place). Burner cap Burner head Pan support maintenance • Clean the pan supports with a sponge and detergent whenever dirty. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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