User manual WHIRLPOOL ACM808NE & ACM 808/NE,MV

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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL ACM808NE & ACM 808/NE,MV

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] All messages relevant to safety specify the potential risk to which they refer and indicate how to reduce the risk of injury, damage and electric shocks due to incorrect use of the appliance. Make sure to comply with the following: - The appliance must be disconnected from the power supply before carrying out any installation operation. - Installation and maintenance must be carried out by a specialised technician, in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the local safety regulations in force. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically stated in the user manual. [. . . ] Control panel lock This function locks the controls to prevent accidental switching on of the hob. To activate the control panel lock function, switch on the hob and hold button (or the Automatic function/Eco Booster button, where present) for three seconds; an acoustic signal and a luminous indicator next to the padlock signal activation. To deactivate the control panel lock, repeat the activation procedure. The presence of water, liquid spilled from pots or any objects resting on the button below the symbol can accidentally activate or deactivate the control panel lock function. Timer The timer can be used to set cooking time for a maximum of 99 minutes (1 hour and 39 minutes) for all cooking zones. Select the cooking zone to be used with the timer (an illuminated dot appears to the bottom right hand side of the heat setting indicator on the display), press the button with the clock symbol then set the desired cooking time using the buttons “+” and “-” of the timer function (see figure). After a few seconds, the timer begins the countdown (an illuminated dot is visible next to the zone for which the timer has been activated). Once the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds and the cooking zone switches off automatically. To deactivate the timer, press the “-” button until the display shows “0:0” or hold the button with the clock symbol for at least 3 seconds. The timer display always shows the timer for the selected zone or the shortest timer. To change or switch off the timer, press the zone selection button for the timer in question. € After each use, clean the hob (when it is cool) to remove any deposits and stains due to food residuals. € Sugar or foods with a high sugar content damage the hob and must be immediately removed. € Use a soft cloth, absorbent kitchen paper or a specific hob cleaner (follow the Manufacturer’s instructions). TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE • • • • • Read and follow the instructions given in the section “Instructions for use”. If, when the hob is switched on, alphanumeric codes appear on the display, consult the following table for instructions. If the hob cannot be switched off after using it, disconnect it from the power supply. ERROR CODE DESCRIPTION POSSIBLE CAUSES ERROR ELIMINATION C81, C82 The control panel switches off because of excessively high temperatures The connection voltage is wrong The internal temperature of electronic parts is too high The sensor detects a discrepancy between the appliance voltage and that of the mains supply Wait for the hob to cool down before using it again. Disconnect the hob from the mains and check the electrical connection F42 or F43 F12, F21, F25, F36, F37, F40, F47, F56, F58, F60 Call the After-Sales Service and specify the error code NOISES MADE BY THE HOB Induction hobs can make whistling or crackling sounds during normal operation, these actually come from the pots and pans as a result of the characteristics of the bottoms (for example, bottoms made of several layers of material, or uneven bottoms). These noises vary depending on the pots and pans used and the amount of food they contain, and are not indicative of a defect of any kind. In addition, the induction hob is equipped with an internal cooling system to control the temperature of electronic parts; as a result, during operation and for several minutes after the hob has been switched off, the noise of the cooling fan will be audible. This is perfectly normal and indeed essential for proper functioning of the appliance. [. . . ] For høy temperatur Strømtilkoblingen til platetoppen har ikke riktig spenning Temperaturen inne i de elektroniske delene er for høy Vent til platetoppen er avkjølt før du bruker den Sensoren registrerer en spenning som Koble platetoppen fra strømnettet er ulik den på strømtilkoblingen og kontroller tilkoblingen Ring kundeservice og spesifiser feilkoden STØY FRA PLATETOPPEN Induksjonsplatetopper kan lage vislelyder eller knitring under normal bruk: Disse lydene kommer fra grytene på grunn av bunnens karakteristikker (for eksempel de ulike lagene med materiale som den er laget av, eller en bunn som ikke er helt flat). Dersom det er nødvendig med reparasjon, henvend deg til et autorisert servicesenter (som garanti for bruk av originale reservedeler og for en korrekt reparasjon). Effekt 8-9 7-8 Høy effekt 6-7 4-5 Middels effekt 3-4 2-3 1-2 Lav effekt 1 AV Null effekt Frityrsteke - koke Brune - brase - koke - grille Brune - koke - gryteretter brase - grille Koke - gryteretter - brase grille Koke - trekke - tykne - holde varm Tilberedningstype Hurtig oppvarming Bruk av nivåene ( en indikasjon som hjelp i tillegg til erfaring og tilberedningsvaner) Ideell for rask temperaturøkning i maten eller hurtig oppkoking av vann eller rask oppvarming av kraft Ideell til bruning, starte tilberedning, steking av frysevarer, hurtig oppkoking Ideell for brasering, fosskoking, steking og grilling (av kort varighet, 5-10 minutter) Ideell for brasering, småkoking, steking og grilling (av middels varighet, 10-20 minutter), forvarming av tilbehør Ideell for gryteretter, holde såvidt kokende, koke (over lengre tid). Sauser, supper, grønnsaksupper) Ideell for å holde mat som nettopp er tilberedt varm, tilsette smør til risotto og holde serveringsfat varme (med tilbehør som egner seg for induksjon) Platetopp i stand-by eller avslått (mulig gjenværende restvarme, indikert med H) Smelte - tine - holde varm tilsette smør Støtteoverflate MERK: Ved korte tilberedninger som trenger perfekt varmefordeling (eks. [. . . ]


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