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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL ADG 698 FD WPPROGRAM CHART

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Press P or until the selected programme lights up. Load the racks Select a programme Select options If necessary (and if provided) the corresponding indicator lamp lights up. The selected programme is then memorised (even in the event of power failure). Press the Start button “Change programme in progress” 1. Select the desired options again (except “Set detergent” - if provided and “Water hardness setting”). [. . . ] Sharp knives and forks that might cause injury must be placed in the cutlery basket with the sharp end facing downwards. H G C Only use dishwasher-proof crockery and dishes. Do not use the appliance for items not suitable for washing in a dishwasher, for example wooden items, aluminium, tin, hand-decorated crockery (unglazed), silver cutlery. What to do if. . . If a fault occurs, before contacting our After-Sales Service, make the following checks to try and remedy the problem (* see also the corresponding chapter in the user instructions). Problem The appliance is not working Cause • No water supply. • Open the tap. Remedy • Clean the water supply tap filter. Check the safety circuit breaker. • Starting the selected programme. • The programme can be set to “0” to start. • Remove any impurities obstructing the water flow *. If crockery is not perfectly dry • Insufficient rinse aid. • Residual water in cavities. If crockery is not perfectly clean • The water jet does not reach the crockery. • Spray arm nozzles clogged. • Incorrect detergent/detergent too old. • Use a good quality detergent. Sandy or grainy residues • Clogged filters. • Filters incorrectly assembled. • Check filters regularly/if necessary clean *. • Depending on the material, if necessary use a detergent with a greater whitening power. Colour of plastic parts faded Deposits on crockery • Removable • Tomato/carrot juice, . . . • Streaks on the crockery/glasses. • Layer of salt on crockery/glasses. • Increase the rinse aid dosage *. • Change water hardness setting, if necessary add salt *. • Not removable • Insufficient water softening, calcium deposits. Opaque glasses/ glasses • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher. not sparkling Rust on cutlery Identifying appliance faults • Not made of stainless steel. (if provided). • Use suitable glasses. • Use suitable cutlery. • Ensure the filter assembly is not clogged and that there is no interruption to the water supply (if necessary, clean the filters *). Press the START button for 2 seconds, until the START indicator lamp switches off. Select a new programme and press the Start button again. If after carrying out the above checks the malfunction persists or appears again, turn the appliance off and turn off the water supply tap, then call our After-Sales Service (see guarantee). Before contacting our After-Sales Service, take note of the following: • The nature of the fault • The appliance type and model • The service code (the number indicated on the adhesive rating plate) inside the door on the right-hand side. Before using the dishwasher, read the user instructions! ADG 698 Quick Reference Guide Options 3) Time and failure display GB On button Off button Programme selection button The selected programme is shown in the window of the display. Indicates in hours the time remaining until the start of the wash cycle. [. . . ] the door being opened) use there may be time variations or leaps depending on may compromise the result of the antibacterial rinse. different loads, function options, water temperatures or 6) Energy saving programme with prolonged drying cycle. 7) These programmes can be used with the “Turbo clean” option. [. . . ]


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