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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL ADG 9929/2PROGRAM CHART

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before using the dishwasher, read the installation and maintenance instructions carefully! GB ADG 9929 1. OVERVIEW ON button OFF button Programme selection button Press button P (repeatedly) until the required programme number appears on the display. Fault indication and wash time display In normal operation it indicates the remaining time (h:mm), whereas with “Delayed start” selected it indicates the time remaining until programme start (hh). In the presence of a fault indication “F. ” –, consult the section “5. [. . . ] Once regeneration salt is added, immediately start a wash programme (the “Pre-wash” programme alone is not sufficient). Residual saline solution or grains of salt can lead to deepdown corrosion, irreparably damaging the stainless steel components. The guarantee is not applicable if faults are caused by such circumstances. The salt level indicator lamp may remain lit for the duration of several wash cycles. If the water hardness level falls within category 1 (soft), no salt is required. - Select the 2nd programme “P2” - consult the table 1. 1 in chapter 1. - Press the START button for at least 5 seconds until the START indicator lamp flashes. - The set water hardness level is shown on the display (if present) or the START button flashes. - With each successive touch of the START button the setting increases and when it reaches 7 it returns to 1 again. Arrange crockery so that water does not collect in cavities, ensuring that the spray arms turn freely. Do not use the dishwasher for washing wooden items, aluminium, tin, silver cutlery or decorated crockery (unglazed). WASH CYCLE The dishwasher door must be closed and the water tap open. The wash cycle can be interrupted at any time by pressing RESET. Changing the programme in progress/Resetting - Press the START button for about 2 seconds, until the START indicator lamp switches off. Full integrated models - Press the START/RESET button (for 2 seconds). - The appliance is now ready to be restarted. PROGRAMME END Exercise caution when opening the door: beware of hot steam. Only press the OFF button once the START indicator lamp has switched off. Unload the appliance, starting from the lower rack in order to avoid any residual drips of water falling onto crockery below. For even better drying results, leave the dishwasher door open a little before unloading in order to allow the steam to dissipate, helping the dishes to dry. The underside of the kitchen worktop must be protected (see instructions in “Maintenance and Installation”). 5 4. Packing The packaging materials are 100% recyclable and marked with the recycling symbol. Removing the packaging and inspecting the contents After unpacking, make sure that the dishwasher is undamaged and that the door closes correctly. Before using the dishwasher for the first time - The appliance is designed to operate at ambient temperatures of between 5°C and 45°C. - This dishwasher has been tested by the manufacturer to ensure it functions correctly. [. . . ] 2 seconds until the indicator lamp switches off or press the RESET button (depending on model). . . . are not perfectly clean/have food residues Possible causes/solutions Arrange crockery so that items do not touch each other. If necessary, use more detergent, observing the manufacturer’s indications as regards dosage. Always store detergent in a dry place and do not store it for excessively long periods of time. [. . . ]


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