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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING WARNING: When using your dishwasher, follow the precautions listed below: GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS • This appliance must be grounded. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of anelectric shock by providing a path of least resistance of electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having an equipmentgrounding conductor and a grounding plug. • The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. [. . . ] * EN 50242 teams of its combined energy and water consumption for that type of tableware. For lightly soiled crockery and glass Glass For lightly soiled loads that do not need excellent drying efficiency. A shorter wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying. Pre-wash Wash (50°C) Rinse (65°C) Drying 25g (or3in1) 170 0. 75 8. 5 Pre-wash wash (40°C) Rinse Rinse (60°C) Drying Pre-wash (50°C) Wash (65°C) Rinse (55°C) Drying Wash (40°C) Rinse Rinse (45°C) 5/22g 110 0. 75 12 5/22g (or3in1) 60 0. 85 9 1Hour 20 g 40 0. 45 10 Rapid Turning On the Appliance Starting a cycle wash • Draw out the lower and upper basket, load the dishes and push them back. It is commended to load the lower basket first, then the upper one (see the section entitled “Loading the Dishwasher”). • Pour in the detergent (see the section entitled “Salt, Detergent and Rinse Aid”). The power supply is 220-240 VAC /50 HZ, the specification of the socket is 10A 250VAC. • Press the program Button , the wash program will be changed as follows direction: Auto->Intensive->Normal->Eco->Glass->1Hour->Rapid; If a program is selected, the response light will light. Then close the door, the dishwasher begins to start. 47 Change the Program. . . A cycle that is underway can only be modified if it has only been running for a short time. Otherwise, the detergent may have already been released, and the appliance may have already drained the wash water. If this is the case, the detergent dispenser must be refilled (see the section entitled “Loading the Detergent”). Open the door, press the Program button more than 3 seconds, the machine will be in standby state, then you can change the program to the desired cycle setting (see the section entitled “Starting a wash cycle. NOTE: If you open the door during a wash cycle, the machine will pause. The program light will stop blinking and the buzzer will mooing every minute unless you close the door. After you close the door, the machine will keep on working after 10 seconds. A forgotten dish can be added any time before the detergent cup opens. At the End of the Wash Cycle When the working cycle has finished, the buzzer of the dishwasher will sound for 8 seconds, then stop. Turn off the appliance using the ON/OFF button, shut off the water supply and open the door of the dishwasher. Wait for a few minutes before unloading the dishwasher to avoid handling the dishes and utensils while they are still hot and more susceptible to breakage. • Switch Off the Dishwasher The program light is off, only in this case the programme has ended. The dishes should therefore be allowed to cool down around 15 minutes before removing from the appliance. Open the dishwasher's door, leave it ajar and wait a few minutes before removing the dishes. [. . . ] Use less detergent if you have soft water and select a shortest cycle to wash the glassware and to get them clean. Re-loading the dishes properly. 60 Unsatisfactory drying result Problem Possible causes What to do Load the dishwasher as suggested in the directions. This will avoid water dripping from the upper Basket onto the dishes in the lower one In short program the washing temperature is lower. Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. The dishes are not Improper loading drying Too little rinse-aid Dishes are removed too soon Wrong program has been selected Use of cutlery with a low-quality coating Error codes When some malfunctions come on, the appliance will display error codes to warn you: Codes E1 E4 E8 Meanings Longer inlet time. [. . . ]


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