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[. . . ] Instructions for Use Istruzioni per l’uso Gebrauchsanweisung Mode d’emploi Instrukcja użytkowania PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Removing the packaging and inspecting the contents Before using the appliance for the first time The appliance is designed to operate with a minimum ambient temperature of 5°C. This appliance has been tested by the manufacturer to ensure it functions correctly. Such testing may leave slight drips/water marks which will disappear with the first wash. [. . . ] plates, bowls, pots) in the baskets ensure they allow water to flow downwards! Cutlery rack Long tools can be loaded in the frontal part of the rack (if long tools do not fit in the cutlery rack they can be placed on foldable flaps in upper rack). Load long knives with the handle in the left side. How to remove cutlery rack (if available) - it could be useful to remove cutlery rack to load stemmed glasses in upper rack. When the cutlery rack is in place the retainers must always be closed. CLOSED OPEN 7 Upper rack In upper rack you can load glasses, cups, bowls. ECO Duration 50ºC 3:20 When a program, additional options or Delay is chosen, press To pause the program (e. g. if you want to insert an item): - PAUSE ȝȝȝțȘȘȘȘȘȘȘȣ 3:15 PRESS fflst ȝȝȝțȘȘȘȘȘȘȘȣ 3:15 Press button or open the door with caution (the program pauses) and insert the items, (beware of HOT steam!). to restart the cycle (the program resumes the cycle from where it was interrupted). To cancel or change the program in progress: Press button for 3 seconds to cancel the program on running (water is drained for up to 1 minute, then the appliance switches off). Press the button and close the door. During program running time, the progress of the program is shown on the display (as bar) as well as phase of program, and time to the end of the program: MAIN WASH ȝȝȝȝȜȘȘȘȘȘȘȣ 1:50 According to the cycles, the display may provide additional information: 6TH SENSE - with animation (on bar) - sensor is adjusting time and energy and water consumption to the level of soil amount on the dishes. CALIBRATING - appliance is calibrating its sensor. After the program is complete, the display shows: END OF CYCLE ȝȝȝȝȝȝȝȝȝȝȝ 0:00 On the display additional information can be shown: REFILL RINSE AID - refill rinse aid. SANITIZATION FAILED - Antibacterial rinse was not completed. After 30 seconds the appliance switches off. Open appliance door (beware of hot steam!) and unload the racks, starting from the lower rack first. If it is needed to refill salt reservoir or rinse aid dispenser, it is recommended to do this operations right before start of the next cycle. 9 10 PROGRAM TABLE Program Program description No. Name  40-70°C (Loading information) Use for normal soiled dishes with dried-on food. Senses the level of soiling on the dishes and adjusts the program accordingly. When the sensor is detecting the soil level an animation appears in the display and the cycle duration is updated. The PowerClean® option is activated automatically with this program. Lightly soiled crockery, with no dried-on food. Available options Detergent A B Consumption Water (litres) Program Drying durationa phase Energy (KWh) (minutes) 1 6th Sense 7. 5-13 0. 95-1. 45 85-175 2 3 4 Pre-Wash Fragile Rapid Cold 40°C 45°C — — — — 4. 0 10. 5 11. 0 0. 01 0. 85 0. 85 14-16 105-114 30-50 — — 5 Eco b 50°C Normally soiled crockery. Standard program the most efficient in terms of its combined energy and water consumption. 9. 0 0. 936 240 6 7 Daily Silent 60°C 50°C Normally soiled crockery. Normally soiled crockery, gentle and quiet thanks to the lower spray pressure. 11. 0 14. 0 1. 30 1. 20 80-95 290-299 8 Intensive 65°C Recommended program for heavily soiled crockery, especially suitable for pans and saucepans. 15. 0 1. 60 145-155 9 Steam Program including steam action dedicated for heavily soiled crockery, pots and pans. Soaking or hand pretreatment is no longer needed. 14. 5 1. 75 180-190 10 Dual Wash 65°C Full cycle with rinse steps in order to provide good cleaning also for though soiled dishes. 15. 0 1. 50 155-170 a. Program data obtained under normal conditions and with default options on. Differences of up to 20 minutes are possible with sensor programs as a result of the appliance’s automatic calibration system. Reference program for energy label in compliance with EN 50242 regulations. - Note for Testing Institutes: for detailed information on the EN/Standard loading comparison test and other tests, contact the following address: “contact@whirlpool. com”. Power consumption in: Left-on mode: 1. 50 W / Off-mode: 0. 50 W. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS With each program additional options can be used. [. . . ] Always store detergent in a dry place and do not store it for excessively long periods of time. For heavily soiled crockery, select a wash program with a higher temperature (see program table page 10). Temperature not high enough for heavily soiled crockery. Loading of the appliance using lower and upper rack If you select the “Half load/Multizone” option (if at the same time with “Half load/Multizone” option. available), remember to load the upper rack or the lower rack to increase washing power and thus obtain optimum wash results. Clean dishes left in appliance for a long time after end of cycle (e. g. [. . . ]


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