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[. . . ] When the door is opened during a washing cycle, the cycle is temporarily paused: the Start indicator blinks. To resume the cycle close the door and push Start button again. CANCEL/OFF BUTTON Push this button to switch off the control panel. If pressed when a program is running it cancels the program ongoing draining water for 1 minute. If pressed when the dishwasher is switched off it drains any possible liquids from dishwasher (1 minute process). [. . . ] - Grasp and take out the two lateral handles (C) (they must be on the same level) and lift up or take down the upper rack. How to remove the upper rack (if available) It could be useful to remove the upper rack to load bulky items in the lower rack. - Open the two retainers (D) to take off the upper rack (when the upper rack is in place the retainers must always be closed). 4 A - Adjustable flaps (2 or 4): in horizontal position for cups/long utensils/stemmed glasses. A - CLOSED A - OPEN TO OPEN A: C D Rotate the flap clockwise and hook on rack A LOWER RACK - depending on the model E - Cutlery basket F - Grid: helps to keep the cutlery separate for better washing results. H - Lateral support with foldable flaps (if available): shelves can be used to hold long tools or cups onto. A B D - CLOSED D - OPEN THE LATERAL SUPPORT CAN BE REMOVED: pull the support to the front of the basket and lift to remove it. H F E G 5 Arrange crockery so that water does not collect in cavities, ensuring that the spray arms turn freely. Do not use the dishwasher for washing wooden items, aluminium, tin, silver cutlery or decorated crockery (unglazed). plates, bowls, pots) must be placed in a correct way to let water flow down! Switching on the appliance. Press any button (except CANCEL/Off button) to switch on the control panel and start programming. GB -4- Select program 6 7 Overview of programs The max. possible number of programs is illustrated in the chapter “Chart”. The corresponding programs for your appliance can be found on the panel (page 1). Duration of the program depends on the external conditions in the apartment, temperature and pressure etc. Wash cycle The dishwasher door must be closed and the water tap open. if you want to insert an item): To Cancel the program on running: To change the program in progress: - Open the door with caution (the program pauses) and insert the item/s, (beware of HOT steam!). the lower rack to increase washing power and thus obtain optimum wash results. - In the event of frequent use of the Eco 50°C program (if available), from time to time select the Intensive Frequent use of Eco 50°C. - The spray arms must not be clogged, the filters must not be dirty and must be fitted correctly (see page 5, Clogged spray arms, dirty filters or not fitted correctly. We recommend in future: Change the control of system of dosage of softener. For combined action tablets see detergent producer’s recommendations. . . . have discoloured plastic parts - Tomato/Carrot juice. . . . opaque glasses, etc. . . . removable deposits on glasses . . . glasses not sparkling . . . permanent deposits on glasses - Dishes unsuitable for washing in dishwashers (porcelain), Usage of incorrect programs for glasses. Rainbow effect. . . . tea cups darken and dirt does not disappear after washing in dishwasher . . . rust marks . . . other marks . . . streaks . . . suds - Not known. Unsuitable dosage of detergent/rinse aid. - This phenomenon is inevitable. - Salty or acidic food residues can cause rust marks even on stainless steel cutlery. To avoid this, always use the pre-wash program if the dishes are to be washed later. - In the presence of marks, increase the rinse aid dosage (see page 3, “Adding rinse aid”). [. . . ] - If ecological energy sources are available such as solar panel heating, heat pumps or centralised heating systems, the appliance may be connected to the hot water mains up to a maximum temperature of 60°C. Make sure the water inlet hose is of the correct type (“70°C Max” or “90°C Max”). Child safety - Keep the packaging materials out of the reach of children. - Store the detergent, rinse aid and salt out of the reach of children. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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