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[. . . ] After 3 seconds the cycle remaining time is displayed. Allows you to choose the washing zones. Press this button (repeatedly) to select the wash zones: both racks 2 indicator lights only upper rack (including cutlery rack) indicator lights only lower rack indicator lights KEYBOARD LOCK This option allows you to lock the buttons on the control panel. Children will not be able to accidentally start the dishwasher by pressing the buttons on the control panel when this option is selected. If you want to activate this option hold down the button for 3 seconds. [. . . ] Please look for the recommendation of the detergent manufacturer on the packaging of the detergent product. Use only one tablet per one cycle, only placed in detergent dispenser. Only fill the detergent dispenser prior to Some types of tablets may not dissolve starting a wash completely during the short cycles program. (Fragile, Rapid, Handwash); placing the tablet on the tub bottom can help dissolving and washing. EN -4- Cutlery rack How to load the racks Load cutlery with the handle into the pins. 4 Knives or cutlery with bulky handle can be loaded with the head into the pins. How to remove cutlery rack (if available) - It could be useful to remove cutlery rack to load stem glasses in upper rack. When the cutlery rack is in place the retainers must always be closed. D - CLOSED D - OPEN EN -5- Upper rack How to load the racks In the upper rack you can load glasses, cups, bowls and, in the right side of the rack, you can load the dessert dishes. Foldable flaps (A) when open help to load stemmed glasses, long utensils or coffee cups. A - CLOSED A - CLOSED A - OPEN A - OPEN ATO OPEN A: - TO OPEN: CLICK! 4 Rotate the flap Rotate the flap clockwise and clockwise and hook on rack hook on rack A A B You can load dishes up to Ø 20 cm in the upper rack ONLY if the rack is in lower position (see below how to adjust the upper rack). How to adjust upper rack height (if available) - it could be useful to lift up upper rack to have more space in lower rack bring it down to load long stem glasses. - Grasp and take out the two lateral handles (C) (they must be on the same level) and lift up or take down the upper rack. How to remove upper rack (if available) - It could be useful to remove upper rack to load bulky items in lower rack. early (dishes are dirty and wet) - Too little water in the dishwasher’s water system. . . . shows other fault display “Fx Ey” - Appliance has technical defect. After taking the above course of action, the fault message must be reset. The appliance is now ready to be restarted. EN -9- What to do if. . . Crockery and cutlery. . . . . . are not perfectly clean/have food residues Possible causes. . . - T little space between dishes (incorrect oo arrangement of the concave items in the rack). - Loading of the dishwasher using lower and upper rack at the same time with “Half load/ Multizone” option. - Spray arms stuck impeded by crockery or cutlery. Solutions. . . - Arrange crockery so that items do not touch each other. - If necessary, use more detergent, observing the manufacturer’s indications as regards dosage. Always store detergent in a dry place and do not store it for excessively long periods of time. - For heavily soiled crockery, select a wash program with a higher temperature (see Table of programs - chapter “Chart” - page 2). - If you select the “Half load/Multizone” option (if available), remember to load only the upper rack or only the lower rack to increase washing power and thus obtain optimum wash results. - The spray arms must not be clogged, the filters must not be dirty and must be fitted correctly (see page 8, “Maintenance and care“). - The spray arms must be able to turn freely and must not be impeded by crockery or cutlery. [. . . ] - Always fully load the dishwasher before running it or select the “Half load/ Multizone” option (if available). - If ecological energy sources are available such as solar panel heating, heat pumps or centralised heating systems, the appliance may be connected to the hot water mains up to a maximum temperature of 60°C. Make sure the water inlet hose is of the correct type (“70°C Max” or “90°C Max”). Child safety - Keep the packaging materials out of the reach of children. [. . . ]


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