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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL ADVANCE 1400INSTRUCTION FOR USE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] YOUR ELECTRONIC WASHING MACHINE GB This washing machine is equipped with all-electronic control, which opens up a host of possibilities for you. Amongst others, these include: precise determination of load, Dynamic-Sense Technology, imbalance detection and correction system, fast programme changing, accurate programme sequence indicator, start delay, soaking, safety feature “intelligent (anti-flood) Water Stop system”. • The load determining facility evaluates the laundry load at the start of the wash cycle and optimises the washing procedure accordingly. The machine adapts automatically to the prevailing circumstances: if you are washing a minimum load, the programme carries out only two rinse cycles during the cotton and synthetics programmes, while keeping the rinse results very good. [. . . ] The remaining time of the selected programme is displayed and the indicator above the “Start/Pause” button flashes. • If the programme is changed after the start delay, the start delay option is cleared and the remaining time is displayed. Note: With liquid detergent, a dosing aid placed directly in the drum should be used if a start delay has been selected. 29 DOOR LOCK / PROGRAMME END DOOR LOCK The door locks automatically after the programme starts until the end of the programme. Exception: In the programmes Cotton and Synthetics and during the prewash for these programmes, the door can be opened in order to add further items during the first 15 minutes after the start of the programme. If the programme selector is moved to the “ ” position or if the electricity supply is interrupted, then after approximately two minutes the door is released. PROGRAMME END The programme end is indicated by: • The “Door Free” indicator coming on and the remaining time indicator (if available) showing “0:00”, • An audible tone is sounded three times, • The programme sequence indicators are all off. CHANGING / INTERRUPTING / CLEARING PROGRAMME CHANGING PROGRAMME OR OPTIONS 1. The indicator light above the “Start/Pause” button will blink. Note: The options “Start delay” and “Prewash” cannot be reselected when the programme is changed. The new programme will continue in the same programme section during which the current programme was interrupted. Note:Do not add more detergent for this programme. PROGRAMME INTERRUPTION / PAUSE To interrupt the running programme for a certain period and continue it at a later time: 1. Following the desired pause press the “Start/Pause” button once again. CANCELLING THE PROGRAMME If the current programme is to be terminated prematurely and cancelled, the water must be pumped out first before the door can be opened: 1. The spin indicator shows “0” and the remaining time indicator (if available) shows “0:02” minutes. Press the “Start/Pause” button in order to start the “Drain” programme. REMOVING THE FILTER / DRAINING RESIDUAL WATER WHEN SHOULD I REMOVE THE FILTER? Check the filter two or three times a year and clean it if necessary. • Check the filter if the appliance is not draining properly or if it fails to perform spin cycles. • Remove the filter if the pump is blocked by an object (buttons, coins, safety pins, etc. ). IMPORTANT:Make sure the water has had time to cool before draining the appliance. 30 REMOVING THE FILTER / DRAINING RESIDUAL WATER REMOVING THE FILTER 1. Switch off the appliance (set the programme selector to and unplug it). Remove the coloured insert from the detergent dispenser and use it to open the filter cover. Turn the filter slowly anti-clockwise until the grip is vertical; do not extract filter as yet. Insert the filter and screw it fully down in a clockwise direction (until the grip is horizontal). Pour 0. 5 l of water into the detergent dispenser to reactivate the “Eco System”. Select a programme and start it. WHEN SHOULD I DRAIN RESIDUAL WATER? • • Before transporting (moving) the machine. [. . . ] This can be obtained from specialist shops or from After-Sales Service. Refit the fixing screws and tighten them. BUILD-UNDER OPENING DIMENSIONS Width Height Depth 600 mm 825 mm 600 mm WARNING: Only plug the appliance into the mains power socket after you have fitted the cover panel or the appliance worktop. 36 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WATER SUPPLY • • • Water supply: cold water only Tap: 3/4” threaded hose connection Pressure: 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar). WATER INLET HOSE 1. Check water-tightness of tap and appliance connections by turning the tap completely on. • If the hose is too short, replace it with a suitable length of pressure resistant hose (1000 kPa min, EN 50084 approved type). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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