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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL AKL700/WHINSTRUCTION FOR USE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In the case of single grids, make sure that they fit on the burner cap protuberance. Models equipped with electrical ignition plugs and safety device require thorough cleaning of the plug end in order to ensure correct operation. Check these items frequently, and if necessary, clean them with a damp cloth. Note: to avoid damaging the electric ignition device, do not use it when the burners are not in their housing. HOW TO USE THE COOKTOP • • • To ignite one of the burners, turn the relative knob anti-clockwise to the maximum flame setting Press the knob against the control panel to ignite the burner (if your model is equipped with ignition button - You must press it while turning the knob). [. . . ] Note: Should particular local conditions of the delivered gas make the ignition of burner difficult, it is advisable to repeat • Keep the packaging material (plastic bags, polystyrene parts, etc. ) out of the reach of children, as they are potentially dangerous. • Check whether the hob has been damaged during transport and remove any protective film from the appliance parts. • This hob (Class 3) is designed solely for household use for cooking food. Any other use (such as heating rooms) is to be considered improper and, as a consequence, dangerous. Safety device is optional - if Your model is not equipped with it, the • Ensure that the installation and gas/electrical connections are performed by a qualified technician in ignition should be instant. • This appliance must only be installed and used in well-ventilated rooms, in accordance with current If Your model is equipped with cast iron electric hotplate You can easy operate it with relevant knob. By turning the knob from position 1 to 6 You can increase the temperature. • Gas adjustment and supply pressure are indicated on the rating plate located under the hob. If the appliance is arranged for a type of gas different from that available, refer to the paragraph “Adjustment to different types of gas”. Manufacturer: Whirlpool Europe S. r. l. Borghi, 27 21025 Comerio (VA) ITALY 5019 619 01200 NOTES: Improper use of the grids can result in damage to the hob surface. • If the hob has a glass ceramic top, do not use: - Cast iron griddles or terracotta pots and pans - Heat diffusers (e. g. 5440 - Part 2 should be consulted to determine the air vent requirements. If the appliance is installed in a cellar or basement, it is advisable to provide an air vent of 65 cm, irrespective of the room volume. INSTALLATION TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR THE INSTALLER • • This product can be embedded in a worktop 20 to 40 mm thick. If there is no oven beneath the hob, insert a separator panel that has a surface at least equal to the opening in the work surface. This panel must be positioned at a maximum distance of 150 mm below the upper surface of the work surface but, in no case less than 20 mm from the bottom of the hob. In the case that you intend to install an oven beneath the hob, make sure that it is manufactured by Whirlpool and equipped with a cooling system. The manufacturer declines all liability if another brand oven is installed beneath the hob. Before installation, make sure that: the local gas delivery conditions (nature and pressure) are compatible with the settings of the hob (see the rating plate and injector table). The outer surfaces of the furniture or appliances adjacent to the hob are heat resistant according to local regulations. Combustion products are discharged outdoors through specific hoods or wall and/or window mounted electrical fans. Continuous natural air circulation is ensured through a clear opening in a wall of at least 100 cm2. This wall opening must be: permanent and in a wall to the outside of the room to be vented; made in such a way that it cannot be obstructed from the inside or outside (not even accidentally); protected by plastic grids, metallic mesh, etc. , taking care not to reduce the air vent effective area mentioned above; located near floor level and positioned so as not to interfere with the operation of the exhaust system. ASSEMBLY After having cleaned the perimeter surface, apply the supplied gasket to the hob as shown in the figure. • a) b) c) d) Position the hob in the worktop opening made respecting the dimensions indicated in the Instruction. [. . . ] Fit the brackets into the relevant bores and fasten them by means of their screws. Make an opening in the worktop, respecting the dimensions indicated in the Instruction. Install the cooktop in the worktop. 1. GAS CONNECTION • • • The gas supply system must comply with local regulations. You can find specific local regulations for some countries in the paragraph “Reference to Local Regulations”. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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