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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL AKR 001/IXINSTRUCTION FOR USE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage caused by unreasonable, incorrect or contrary to these instructions. x x x x Do not try to alter the technical features of the appliance, because this could be very dangerous. Packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene pieces, etc. . . ) must be stored out of the reach of children as they are potentially dangerous. Please make sure that the installation and electrical connections are made by a qualified electrician following the manufacturer’s instructions and in compliance with the local regulations in force. TIPS FOR SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT 1. Packaging The packaging material is 100% recyclable and is marked with the recycling symbol to identify the type of material which must be taken to the local collection centres. d 2. [. . . ] It is very important to check the correct position of the burner spreader because if it moves out of place serious problems could occur. In models which have safety valves, make sure that the sensor, near to each burner, remains clean so that the safety valves can work properly. In appliances with electric ignition make sure that the electrode remains clean so that the sparks can strike properly. The spark plugs must be cleaned very carefully. N. B. : To avoid damage to the electric ignition, do not use it when the burners are not in place. STAINLESS STEEL COOKTOP x x x Stainless steel parts must be rinsed with water and dried with a soft and clean cloth or with a chamois leather. For difficult dirt, use a specific non-abrasive product available commercially or a little hot vinegar. Note: regular use could cause discolouring around the burners, because of the high temperature. GAS TAPS The gas taps should be cleaned regularly and only by specialised engineers. If the gas taps are not working correctly, call the AfterSales Service. 36 M 36 Y N C TROUBLE-SHOOTING GUIDE 1. The burner does not stay lit: x Repeat the lighting operation turning the knob to the symbol representing the small flame . = 3. The electric ignition does not work: x Is there a power failure? AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before contacting the After-Sales Service: 1. Check whether you can deal with the problem yourself (See “Trouble Shooting Guide”). Switch on the appliance again to check whether the problem has been solved. Give: x The type of fault x The model x The Service number (the number after the word SERVICE on the rating plate underneath the cooktop, on the guarantee and on this instruction manual). x Your complete address including Post Code x Your telephone number x When you can be contacted. l 37 37 M Y N C INSTALLATION x x x INSTALLATION ROOM x x In the room where the cooktop is installed there must be enough air for correct gas combustion (2 m3/h x kW). The installer must refer to the national standards in force concerning ventilation and removal of combustion products. The natural flow of air must occur through one or more suitable openings which must be: - Permanent and made in the outside walls of the room to be ventilated, in an area away from sources of pollution. - So made that the opening outlets, both inside and outside the wall, cannot be blocked, even accidentally. − the coatings of the walls of the unit or appliances near the cooktop must be heat resistant (“Y” protection against heating in compliance with standards EN 60335-2 6). curtains). 39 M 39 Y N C INSTALLATION Before installing the cooktop, remove the protective film. This cooktop can be built into a working surface 20 to 40 mm thick and 600 mm deep. To fit the cooktop into the unit make a hole of the dimensions given in the figures below and respect the indications given in the previous section “Technical information for the installer”. AKR 001 - AKR 002 AKR 003 AKR 009 - AKR 013 40 M 40 Y N C INSTALLATION INSTALLING SEVERAL DOMINO COOKTOPS SIDE-BY-SIDE Several DOMINO cooktops can be installed side-by-side using the special junction piece (code No. For this type of installation openings must be made in the unit as indicated in the figure, remembering that: − all the provisions described for the single installation must be observed − a 5 mm space must be left between the cooktops to insert the junction piece − for installations with more than 3 cooktop side-byside calculate the hole needed referring to the measurements given in the figures. − each cooktop must have its own gas/electrical supply 2 DOMINO side-by-side 3 DOMINO side-by-side AMH 719 850 41 M 41 Y N C INSTALLATION INSTALLATION ON UNITS WITH DOOR The unit must be so constructed that when the door is opened or closed, even violently, the pressure or depressure caused by this does not cause the burners to go out, whether set to minimum or maximum. [. . . ] − The connection can be made directly to the mains by putting an all-pole switch with minimum opening between the contacts of 3 mm between the appliance and the mains. − The supply cable must not touch hot parts and must be so positioned that it does not exceed the temperature of 75oC at any point. − When the appliance is installed the switch or socket must always be accessible. − The appliance must have its own supply; any other appliances installed near it must be supplied separately. [. . . ]


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