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Manual abstract: user guide WHIRLPOOL AKS 200/NB/01INSTRUCTION FOR USE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In the case that you intend to install an oven beneath the hob, make sure that it is manufactured by Whirlpool and equipped with a cooling system. The manufacturer declines all liability if another brand oven is installed beneath the hob. Before installation, make sure that: - the local gas delivery conditions (nature and pressure) are compatible with the settings of the hob (see the rating plate and injector table); - the outer surfaces of the furniture or appliances adjacent to the hob are heat resistant according to local regulations; - this appliance is not connected to a fume exhaust device. It shall be installed in accordance with current installation regulations. [. . . ] Doing so may result in carbon monoxide poisoning and overheating of the hob. The Manufacturer declines all responsibility for inappropriate use or incorrect setting of the controls. - The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or with lack of experience and knowledge of the appliance, unless supervised or previously instructed in its use by those responsible for their safety. - Young children should be kept away from the appliance and supervised to ensure that they do not play with it. Make sure the room is well-ventilated, or install an extractor hood with exhaust duct. The gas supply system must comply with local regulations. You can find specific local regulations for some countries in the paragraph “Reference to Local Regulations”. If no information concerning your Country is given, please ask details to your Installer. • The connection of the hob to the gas pipe network or gas cylinder must be made by means of a rigid copper or steel pipe with fittings complying with local regulations, or by means of a continuous-surface stainless steel hose complying with local regulations. Interpose gasket (B) in the elbow connection. The maximum length of the hose is 2 m. • FOR BELGIUM ONLY: It is necessary to replace the elbow connection (A) on the appliance, with the one supplied (if present). IMPORTANT: if a stainless steel hose is used, it must be installed so as not to touch any mobile part of the furniture. Remove the information label and keep it with the instructions booklet. Use pressure regulators suitable for the gas pressure indicated in the Instruction. • The gas nozzles must be changed by After Sales Service or a qualified technician. • Nozzles not supplied with the appliance must be ordered from After Sales Service. NOTE: when liquid petroleum gas is used (G30/G31), the minimum gas setting screw must be tightened as far as it will go. IMPORTANT: should you experience difficulty in turning the burners knobs, please contact the After Sales Service for the replacement of the burner tap if found to be faulty. AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before calling the After-Sales Service, make sure you can give the following information: - type of fault or problem; - exact model (written on the label affixed to the instruction/warranty); - service number that follows the word SERVICE on the rating plate under the hob and on the label affixed to instruction/warranty; - your complete address and phone number. If any repairs are required, please contact an authorised After-Sales Service, as indicated in the warranty. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE If the hob will not operate correctly, before calling the After-Sales Service, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide to determine the problem. The burner fails to ignite or the flame is not even Check that: • The gas or electrical supplies are not shut off and especially that the gas supply tap is open. The burner does not stay lit Check that: • When lighting the burner, the knob has been pressed for enough time to activate the protection device. The containers are not stable Check that: • The bottom of the container is perfectly flat • The container is centered on the burner. If after the above checks the fault still occurs, get in touch with the nearest After Sales Service. [. . . ] Do not use: - Cast iron griddles, ollar stones, terracotta pots and pans. fish kettle). INJECTORS TABLE Burner Rapid Semi-rapid Auxiliary CATEGORY II2H3+ Injector marking Rated thermal Rated Reduced heat flow rate consumption capacity kW Rapid 129 B 97 74 B 86 65 50 86 65 50 3. 00 1. 65 1. 00 3. 00 1. 65 1. 00 3. 00 1. 65 1. 00 286 l/h 157 l/h 95 l/h 218 g/h 120 g/h 73 g/h 214 g/h 118 g/h 71 g/h Pot Ø From 24 to 26 cm From 16 to 24 cm From 8 to 14 cm Type of gas used Type of burner Gas pressure mbar min. max. kW 0. 60 0. 35 0. 30 0. 60 0. 35 0. 30 0. 60 0. 35 0. 30 NATURAL GAS (Methane) G20 LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (Butane) G30 LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (Propane) G31 Semi-rapid Auxiliary Rapid Semi-rapid Auxiliary Rapid Semi-rapid Auxiliary 17 20 25 20 28-30 35 HOW TO USE THE HOB WARNING Do not let the burner flame extend beyond the edge of the pan. 25 37 45 Type of gas used G20 20 mbar G30 28-30 mbar G31 37 mbar IMPORTANT: WHEN THE HOB IS IN USE, THE ENTIRE HOB AREA MAY BECOME HOT. • To ignite one of the burners, turn the relative knob anti-clockwise to the maximum flame setting. [. . . ]


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