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[. . . ] AKZM 770 AKZM 771 EN User and maintenance manual Manuel d’utilisation et d’entretien IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS YOUR SAFETY AND THAT OF OTHERS IS PARAMOUNT This manual and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be read and observed at all times. This is the danger symbol, pertaining to safety, which alerts users to potential risks to themselves and others. All safety warnings are preceded by the danger symbol and the following terms: DANGER WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will cause serious injury. Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could cause serious injury. All safety warnings give specific details of the potential risk present and indicate how to reduce risk of injury, damage and electric shock resulting from improper use of the appliance. Carefully observe the following instructions: - The appliance must be disconnected from the power supply before carrying out any installation work. [. . . ] The submenus are available and selectable by turning the knob to the functions GRILL, SPECIALS, SETTINGS, BREAD/PIZZA, AUTOMATIC OVEN CLEANING. N. B. : for the list and description of functions, see the specific table at page 14. DESCRIPTION OF DISPLAY I H G F A E B C D A. I. Display of heating elements activated during the various cooking functions Time management symbols: timer, cooking time, end of cooking time, time Information regarding selected functions Automatic BREAD/PIZZA function selected Indication of door locked during automatic cleaning cycle (pyro-cleaning) Internal oven temperature Pyro-cleaning function Browning Special functions: Defrost, Keep Warm, Rising STARTING THE OVEN - SETTING LANGUAGE At the first switch on of the oven, the display shows: ENGLISH Turn the “Browse” knob until the desired language is displayed, then press the button to confirm. EN9 SETTING TIME After setting the language, the time must be set on the clock. Press the button to confirm; the two minute digits flash on the display. To change the time, for example following a power cut, see the next paragraph (SETTINGS). SELECTING COOKING FUNCTIONS 1. 2. Turn the “Functions” knob to the desired function: the cooking settings are shown on the display. To change them, proceed as indicated below. SETTING THE TEMPERATURE/OUTPUT OF THE GRILL To change the temperature or output of the grill, proceed as follows: 1. 3. 4. Turn the “Functions” knob to the symbol to select the fast preheating function. To change the temperature, proceed as described in previous paragraphs. At the end of preheating, the oven automatically selects the conventional function . If you wish to set a different cooking function, turn the “Functions” knob and select the desired function. EN10 SETTING COOKING TIME This function can be used to cook food for a set length of time, from a minimum of 1 minute to the maximum time allowed by the selected function, after which the oven switches off automatically. 1. To confirm the cooking time, press button . SETTING END OF COOKING TIME / DELAYED START IMPORTANT: the start delayed setting is not available for the following functions: FAST PREHEATING, BREAD/PIZZA, GENTLE CONVECTION BAKE. N. B. : with this setting, the selected temperature is reached in a more gradual way, so cooking times will be slightly longer than stated in the cooking table. The end of cooking time can be set, delaying the start of cooking by up to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes. After setting cooking time, the display shows the end of cooking time (for example 15:45) and the symbol flashes. To delay the end of cooking time, and thus also the cooking start time, proceed as follows: 1. Turn the “Browse” knob to display the time you wish cooking to end (for example 16:00). Confirm the selected value by pressing button : the two dots of end of cooking time flash, indicating that the setting has been made correctly. The oven will automatically delay the start of cooking so as to finish cooking at the set time. At any time, however, set values (temperature, grill setting, cooking time) can be changed using button to go back, followed by the “Browse” knob to change values and button to confirm. TIMER This function can be used only with the oven switched off and is useful, for example, for monitoring the cooking time of pasta. With the “Functions” knob at zero, turn the “Browse” knob to display the desired time. When the set time has elapsed, the display will show “END” and an acoustic signal will sound. To mute the acoustic signal, press button (the time of day appears on the display). SELECTING SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Turn the “Functions” knob indicator to the symbol to access a submenu containing three special functions. [. . . ] Use the lowest recommended values to begin with and, if the food is not cooked enough, then move on to higher values. Use the accessories supplied and preferably dark coloured metal cake tins and oven trays. You can also use pans and accessories in pyrex or stoneware, but bear in mind that cooking times will be slightly longer. obtain best results, carefully follow the advice given in the cooking table for the choice of accessories (supplied) to be placed on the various shelves. Cooking different foods at the same time Using the “CONVECTION BAKE” function, you can cook different foods which require the same cooking temperature at the same time (for example: fish and vegetables), using different shelves. [. . . ]


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