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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 501932602031A:Layout 1 26-11-2009 15:03 Pagina 26 BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE To make the most out of your new appliance, please read the user instructions carefully and keep them handy for future consultation. Before using the appliance please follow and set according to the below indications: Remote Control (RC) presetting: Each time the batteries are replaced in the remote control, the RC is pre-set on Heat pump. If the air conditioner that you purchased is a cooling only, then the pre-set on Heat pump will not bring any changes. Auto-Restart presetting Function: To set the auto-restart function, press the Emergency button (ON/OFF) on the indoor unit for at least 5 seconds A buzz sound will signal that the auto-restart function is set and the air conditioner is in standby. [. . . ] ii) When your desired time displayed on LCD, press the TIMER ON button and confirm it. iii) After the time set displayed for 5 seconds the clock will be displayed on the LCD of the remote control instead of set timer. How to cancel TIMER ON Press the TIMER ON button again, a "beep" can be heard and the indicator disappears, the TIMER ON mode has been canceled. Note: It is similar to set the TIMER OFF, you can make the appliance switch off automatically at your desired time. Increase ON Decrease 36 501932602031A:Layout 1 26-11-2009 15:04 Pagina 37 MAINTENANCE Unit 1. Unplug from the power supply Turn off the appliance first before disconnecting from power supply. Use lukewarm water (below 40°C) to clean if the appliance is very dirty. Never use substances such as gasoline or polishing powder to clean the appliance. Air filter It is necessary to clean the air filter after using it for about 100 hours. Clean the air filter every two weeks if the air conditioner operates in an extremely dusty environment. Unplug from the power supply Turn off the appliance first before disconnecting from power supply and remove the air filter. If the filter is very dirty, clean it with a solution of lukewarm water and neutral detergent. B PROTECTION Operating condition The protective device maybe trip and stop the appliance in the cases listed below. Outdoor air temperature is over 24°C HEATING Outdoor air temperature is below -7°C Room temperature is over 27°C Outdoor air temperature is over *43°C COOLING Room temperature is below 21°C DRY Room temperature is below 18°C *For Tropical (T3) Climate condition models, the temperature point is 52°C instead of 43°C. If the air conditioner runs in COOLING or DRY mode with door or window opened for a long time when relative humidity is above 80%, dew may drip down from the outlet. Noise pollution • Install the air conditioner at a place that can bear its weight in order to operate more quietly. 37 501932602031A:Layout 1 26-11-2009 15:04 Pagina 38 • Install the outdoor unit at a place where the air discharged and the operation noise would not annoy your neighbours. • Do not place any obstacles in front of the air outlet of the outdoor unit lest it increases the noise level. Protection device Wait at least 3 minutes before restarting the unit after operation stops or changing mode during operation. After connecting to power supply and turning on the appliance immediately, a delay of 20 seconds may occur before it starts to operate. Timer should be set again if it has been cancelled. Features of HEATING mode Preheating 2-5 minutes are necessary to preheat the indoor unit at HEATING operation start. Defrosting (out door unit) In HEATING operation the appliance will defrost (de-ice) automatically to raise efficiency. Note: Heating is NOT available for cooling only air conditioner models. TROUBLESHOOTING Operation problems are often due to minor causes that can be found and fixed without using any tools: Trouble Analysis • Is the protection device or fuse blown?• Please wait for 3 minutes and start again, protection device may be preventing unit to work. [. . . ] In order not to disturb your neighbours and protect the environment, install a drain port and a drain hose to direct the condensate water. Just install the drain port and rubber washer on the chassis of the outdoor unit, then connect a drain hose to the port Washer as shown in the figure on the right . Install and Fix Outdoor Unit Drain hose Fix with bolts and nuts tightly on a flat and strong (prepare by user) floor. If installed on the wall or roof, make sure to fix the supporter well to prevent it from shaking due to serious vibration or strong wind. [. . . ]


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