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[. . . ] AMW 732 AMW 733 AMW 735 AMW 737 AMW 742 AMW 743 INSTALLATION, QUICK START INSTALLATION, DMARRAGE RAPIDE AUFSTELLUNG, KURZANLEITUNG INSTALLAZIONE, GUIDA RAPIDA INSTALLATIE, SNEL AAN DE SLAG INICIO RPIDO PARA LA INSTALACIN INSTALAO, GUIA DE INICIAO RPIDA INSTALLATION, SNABBGUIDE INSTALLATION, HURTIG START INSTALLASJON, RASK INNFRING ASENNUS, PIKAOPAS ZEMBE HELYEZS, RVID KEZDSI TMUTAT INSTALACE, NVOD VE ZKRATCE INSTALACJA, SKRCONA INSTRUKCJA OBS?UGI ?????????, ???????IN?TALCIA, VODN PRRU?KA 1 INSTALLATION MOUNTING THE APPLIANCE FOLLOW THE SUPPLIED separate mounting instructions when installing the appliance. PRIOR TO CONNECTING CHECK THAT THE VOLTAGE on the rating plate corresponds to the voltage in your home. DO NOT REMOVE THE MICROWAVE INLET PROTECTION PLATES located on the side of the oven cavity wall. They prevent grease & food particles from entering the microwave inlet channels. DO NOT OPERATE THIS APPLIANCE if it has a damaged mains cord or plug, if it is not working properly, or if it has been damaged or dropped. DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORD: ENSURE the oven cavity is empty before mounting. [. . . ] ? PRESS THE +/- BUTTONS to set the level of brightness suitable to your preference. PRESS THE OK BUTTON again to confirm your selection. KITCHEN TIMER USE THIS FUNCTION when you need ?PRESS THE OK BUTTON. a kitchen timer to measure exact time for various purposes such as cooking eggs or letting the dough rise before baking etc. AN ACOUSTIC SIGNAL will be heard when the timer has finished to count down. PRESSING THE STOP BUTTON before the timer has finished will reset the timer to zero. 10 COOK & REHEAT WITH MICROWAVES ? ?THE OVEN AUTOMATICALLY use Microwaves and Grill in order to heat the Crisp-plate. This way the Crisp-plate will rapidly reach its working temperature and begin to brown and crisp the food. ENSURE that the Crisp-plate is correctly placed in the middle of the Glass turntable. THE OVEN AND THE CRISP-PLATE become very hot when using this function. BE CAREFUL, NOT TO TOUCH the ceiling beneath the Grill element. USE OVEN MITTENS or the special Crisp handle supplied when removing the hot Crisp-plate. Other available Crisp plates on the market will not give the correct result when using this function. 12 GRILL USE THIS FUNCTION TO brown the surface of foods placed on the wire rack. ?? PRESS THE MANUAL BUTTON ? ? REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU FIND THE GRILL FUNCTION. PRESS THE +/- BUTTONS to set the cooking time. ENSURE THAT THE UTENSILS used are heat resistant and ovenproof before grilling with them. DO NOT USE PLASTIC utensils when grilling. Items of wood or paper are not suitable either. GRILL COMBI USE THIS FUNCTION TO cook such food as Gratins, Lasagne, Poultry and Baked potatoes. ?? ? ? PRESS THE MANUAL BUTTON repeatedly until you find the Grill Combi function. POSSIBLE microwave power level when using the Grill Combi is limited to a factory-preset level. POWER 650 W SUGGESTED USE: COOKING Vegetables & Gratins 350 - 500 W COOKING Poultry & Lasagne 160 - 350 W COOKING Fish & frozen gratins 160 W 90 W 0W COOKING Meat GRATINATING fruit BROWNING only during cooking 13 MANUAL DEFROST FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE for ?Cook & Reheat with microwaves?and choose power level 160 W when defrosting manually. CHECK AND INSPECT THE FOOD REGULARLY. Experience will give you the times needed for various amounts. FROZEN FOOD IN PLASTIC BAGS, plastic films or cardboard packages can be placed directly in the oven as long as the package has no metal parts (e. g. metal twist ties). TURN LARGE JOINTS halfway through the defrosting process. BOILED FOOD, STEWS AND MEAT SAUCES defrost better if stirred during defrosting time. THE SHAPE OF THE PACKAGE alters the defrosting time. SHIELD AREAS OF FOOD with small pieces of aluminum foil if they start to become warm (e. g. chicken legs and wing tips). WHEN DEFROSTING it is better to under-thaw the food slightly and allow the process to finish during standing time. STANDING TIME AFTER DEFROSTING ALWAYS IMPROVES the result since the temperature will then be evenly distributed throughout the food. 14 AUTO REHEAT USE THIS FUNCTION when reheating ready-made food either frozen, chilled or room tempered. ? PRESS THE AUTO BUTTON repeatedly until you find the Auto Reheat function. PRESS THE START BUTTON. 15 AUTO REHEAT WHEN YOU ARE SAVING a meal in the refrigerator or ?plating?a meal for reheating, arrange the thicker, denser food to the outside of the plate and the thinner or less dense food in the middle. ALWAYS COVER FOOD when using this function except when reheating chilled soups in which case a cover is not needed! [. . . ] DO NOT USE METAL SCOURING PADS, ABRASIVE CLEANSERS , steel-wool pads, gritty washcloths, etc. which can damage the control panel, and the interior and exterior oven surfaces. Use a sponge with a mild detergent or a paper towel with spray glass cleaner. DO NOT SPRAY directly on the oven. THE GRILL ELEMENT does not need cleaning since the intense heat will burn off any splashes, but the cavity ceiling below it may need regular cleaning. [. . . ]


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