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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] CONTENTS DEFINITION OF USE BEFORE USING THE WASHING MACHINE PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS DESCRIPTION OF THE WASHING MACHINE DOOR BEFORE THE FIRST WASH CYCLE PREPARATION OF THE WASHING DETERGENTS AND ADDITIVES DRAINING RESIDUAL WATER/ REMOVING THE FILTER CARE AND MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE AFTER-SALES SERVICE ACCESSORIES TRANSPORT/HANDLING ELECTRICAL CONNECTION DEFINITION OF USE This washing machine is exclusively destined to wash machine washable laundry in quantities which are usual for private households. • Observe the instructions given in these Instructions for Use, the Installation Guide and the Programme Chart when using the washing machine. • Keep these Instructions for Use, the Programme Chart and the Installation Guide; if you pass on the washing machine to another person, also give him/ her Instructions for Use, Programme Chart and Installation Guide. BEFORE USING THE WASHING MACHINE 1. Removing the packaging and inspection • After unpacking, make sure that the washing machine is undamaged. • Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene parts, etc. ) out of reach of children, as they are potentially dangerous. [. . . ] They depend on: • degree and type of soiling • size of wash full load: follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions; half load: 3/4 the amount used for a full load; Minimum load (about 1 kg): 1/2 the amount used for a full load • water hardness in your area (ask for information from your water company). Soft water requires less detergent than hard water (refer to the water hardness table in the operating instructions). Notes: Too much detergent can result in excess foam formation, which reduces washing efficiency. If the washing machine detects too much foam, it may prevent spinning, or prolong the programme duration and increase the water consumption. GB 6 C D } Hooks Guide Rails DRAINING RESIDUAL WATER/ REMOVING THE FILTER We recommend that you check and clean the filter regularly, at least two or three times a year. A Especially: • If the appliance is not draining properly or if it fails to perform spin cycles. • If the “Clean pump” indication lights up: IMPORTANT: make sure the water has cooled before draining the appliance. If your washing machine has an emergency hose, drain the appliance as described at the end of this page. Push the pins right and left to release the plinth and remove it (see picture “A”). Tilt the appliance forwards carefully to allow the water to flow out completely. Pour about 1 litre of water into the detergent drawer to reactivate the “Eco system”. For models with emergency hose: Remove the plinth as described above; for draining the water: • Pull out the emergency hose from the washing machine’s base. • Place a container next to the emergency hose which can be reached by the hose length. • Remove the stopper from the hose so that the water can flow into the container. • Refix the stopper and push the hose back into the washing machine' base. GB 7 B CARE AND MAINTENANCE Appliance exterior and control panel • Can be washed down with a soft, damp cloth. • Dry with a soft cloth. Door seal • Dry the door seal after each washing with an absorbent cotton cloth; make sure that the door seal is completely dry before closing the door of the empty washing machine. • Check the condition of the door seal periodically. Appliance interior • After each washing, leave the door open for some time to allow the inside of the appliance to dry. • If you never or seldom wash your laundry at 95°C, we recommend to occasionally run a 95°C programme without laundry, adding a small amount of detergent, to keep the interior of the appliance clean. Filter • Check and clean the filter regularly, at least two or three times a year (see “Draining Residual Water/ Removing The Filter”). Water supply hose(s) • Check the hose(s) regularly for brittleness and cracks. • Regularly check and clean the mesh filter inside the inlet hose (see “Cleaning the mesh filter in the water supply hose(s)”). Do not use flammable fluids for cleaning the appliance. Detergent dispenser Clean the dispenser drawer and the dispenser compartment regularly, at least three or four times a year, to prevent detergent build-up. Press the release lever in the main wash chamber downward and remove the dispenser drawer from the dispenser compartment (see downward arrow). Remove the separator from the main wash chamber by pulling it upward (see upward arrows). Refit the separator and the cover grid in the dispenser drawer and push the drawer back into the dispenser compartment. GB 8 Water supply hose(s) If a supply hose shows a damage, replace it by a new hose of the same type, available through our After-Sales Service or your specialist dealer. [. . . ] If yes: • Switch the washing machine off by turning the programme selector to the “Off/O” position; then turn the programme selector to a wash programme again. If there is still a failure: • Push the “Reset” button for at least 3 seconds. “Water level too high” (after programme cancellation or false operating). Switch off the washing machine by turning the programme selector to the “Off/O” position. [. . . ]


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