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[. . . ] Specific control elements are activated: • The indicator lamps on the control panels light up for 2 seconds. Note: • Food products put inside the appliance before it achieved its set operating temperature may spoil. OPERATION DESCRIPTION Adjustment Temperature: • To adjust the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, turn the knob inside the refrigerator compartment above the lighting module: - To set a lower temperature, turn the knob to its leftmost position. [. . . ] Following this: • Remove the fan cover by grasping the notches (3), bend The anti-bacterial filter ensures a higher level of hygiene in aside and pulling outwards. your refrigerator through continuous purifying of circulating • Remove the bulb by pulling it out (the bulb is of a special air from bacteria. Remove it from the box (found in the push-in type - do not rotate the bulb). • Check the bulb and replace it, if necessary, with a new one: Replace the filter every 6 months. Remove the filter together with the grille and dispose as a • Snap the cover back on. • It is available via our After-Sales Service outlets only Our After-sales Service can supply this type of filter. GUIDE TO SELECTING FUNCTIONS Functions and settings Alarm off button Fast Freezing: Activate this function before freezing fresh products. To activate this function, press the “Fast Freezing” - All 3 green indicator lamps on the panel will light up simultaneously. To deactivate it earlier: - Press the “Fast Freezing” button again - the temperature selection indicator lamps will return to the previously set temperature level, or. Temperature selection - It is possible to select between 3 levels of the freezer temperature (minimum, medium, maximum) by pressing the temperature selection button . The “Anti-Bacterial Filter” - alarm, signalled by the continuous yellow indicator lamp (2), indicates the need to replace the filter. After replacing the filter press the “RESET” button for approx. “Black-out” Alarm - in case of power failure, the appliance automatically monitors the temperature changes in the freezer compartment. After the power supply returns, - the “Black-out” alarm will activate, if the temperature has risen above the admissible level. When the “Black-out” alarm is active, it is recommended to proceed as follows: - If the food in the freezer is not frozen but is still cold, transfer it promptly to the refrigerator compartment and consume within 24 hours. - If the food in the freezer is frozen, it has re-frozen after thawing caused by the power failure. Consumption of re-frozen food is not recommended since it lost its nutritive value and may be hazardous to your health. [. . . ] (Code 01 is the highest priority. ) Alarm priority Alarm code Temperature setting indicator lamps on minimum medium maximum MIN MED MAX Evaporator sensor failure Freezer sensor failure High freezer compartment temperature alarm Open door alarm 01 02 03 04 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes After determining the alarm code (between 01 and 04): • The user can eliminate the reason of the code 04 alarm by closing the door completely. • Code 03 alarm - The alarm deactivates when the minimum required temperature is reached. • The other alarms (code 01, 02) - Contact the After-Sales Service and provide the alarm code. How can increase the freezer compartment capacity In certain models you can increase the freezer compartment capacity by: - Removing the shelf with the turntable. Please refer to the figures beside to see how to proceed. How to make ice cubes Depending on the model: With a turntable and ice-cube trays • Remove the turntable, fill the trays with water to approx. [. . . ]


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