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[. . . ] - the safety targets of the “Low Voltage” EEC Directive 73/23; - the protection requirements of the “EMC” EEC Directive 89/336 amended by EEC Directive 93/68. Please check that the voltage indicated on the rating plate situated inside the compartment (Fig. The manufacturer will accept no liability for injury to persons or damage to objects arising from the non- observance of this requirement. KNOW YOUR FROST-FREE APPLIANCE The main advantage of your refrigerator/freezer with fan circulation is the total absence of frost and ice forming on the compartments walls, thanks to the process described below. The cold air is produced by an evaporator and is circulated by means of a fan into the compartments. [. . . ] 6), situated at the right hand side of the low temperature compartment, corresponds to the voltage in your home (Fig. The manufacturer will accept no liability for damage to persons or objects arising from the non-observance of this requirement. If the plug and the wall socket do not comply, have the socket replaced by a qualified electrician. He should also check that the section of the socket wires can withstand the power absorbed by the appliance. The use of adapters, multipole sockets and extension cords is not advisable. If absolutely necessary, use simple or multiple adapters and extension cords in compliance with local safety regulations, paying attention not to exceed the maximum amperage, which is marked on the simple adaptors and on extension cords and that of the total power marked on the multiple adapters. After connection of the appliance to the mains supply, wait at least one hour prior to pressing the switch ( % - Fig. ) determinating the operation of the appliance and of the interior light when the refrigerator door is opened. Important: After connection of the appliance, 3 hours are required before the compartments attain the temperature suitable for the storage of foods. This section has an independent temperature adjustment. The ideal temperature of 0oC approx. , is obtained by setting the control knob to the MED position (see figure). To obtain warmer or colder temperatures than 0oC, turn the control knob to the MIN or to the MAX positions respectively. USE OF THE REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT (Fig. 8) We recommend that you wrap all items stored in the refrigerator compartment in plastic or aluminium foil or keep them in a covered container. This prevents foods from loosing their freshness and stops strong smells and flavours being transferred from one food to another. Some fruits with particularly thick skin or rind, can be stored without wrapping. As the temperature is homogeneous thanks to the fan assisted air circulation, foods can be stored on any of the shelves dependent on your needs. We suggest however you store some types of foods in the “dedicated” compartments, as indicated hereafter: Eggs, cheese, dairy products: use the appropriate compartments in the inner door liner (to remove them, see Fig. In some models it is possible to adjust the temperature of this compartment by means of the slots provided, so that the butter will spread easily (position x ). Canned foods: once the can has been opened, transfer unused food into a non-metallic container. Important − Store all foods so as to permit free circulation of air. − Allow cooked food to cool before storing in the refrigerator compartment. 9-0-) This compartment has been designed to store delicate and perishable foods at a 0oC temperature. The storage time is consequently longer and foods do not need freezing-in to preserve nutritional values and original freshness. [. . . ] Meat (large cuts): thaw in the refrigerator compartment without unwrapping them. Before cooking, leave at room temperature for some hours, or defrost in a microwave oven following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fish: thaw in the refrigerator compartment without unwrapping or cook directly before being completely thawed. Previously cooked foods: re-heat in the oven without removing from its aluminium container. [. . . ]


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