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[. . . ] Couverture arrière WASHER SAFETY 2 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Accessories INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE ACCESSORIES FACTORY CERTIFIED PARTS – these three words represent quality parts and accessories designed specifically for your appliance. Stack Kit If space is at a premium, the stack kit allows the dryer to be installed on top of the washer. FACTORY CERTIFIED PARTS Accessories designed for your appliance: Customize your new washer and dryer with the following genuine Whirlpool accessories. For more information on options and ordering, call 1-866-698-2538 or visit us at: www. [. . . ] cable tie U-shaped hose form Transport bolt hole plugs (4) 17 Location Requirements Proper installation is your responsibility. 2 m) of water fill valve on washer, and water pressure of 20–100 psi (137. N A level floor with maximum slope of 1" (25 mm) under entire washer. Installing on carpet or surfaces with foam backing is not recommended. N Floor must support washer’s total weight (with water and load) of 400 lbs (180 kgs). IMPORTANT: Do not install, store, or operate washer where it will be exposed to weather or in temperatures below 32°F (0°C). Water remaining in washer after use may cause damage in low temperatures. 24" (610 mm) All dimensions show recommended spacing allowed, except for closet door ventilation openings which are the minimum required. For each arrangement, consider allowing more space for ease of installation and servicing, and spacing for companion appliances and clearances for walls, doors, and floor moldings. add spacing of 1" (25 mm) on all sides of washer to reduce noise transfer. If a closet door or louvered door is installed, top and bottom air openings in door are required. Minimum 0" (0 mm) Drain System Drain system can be installed using a floor drain, wall standpipe, floor standpipe, or laundry tub. Laundry tub drain system IMPORTANT: To avoid siphoning, only 41⁄2" (114 mm) of drain Floor standpipe drain system hose should be inside standpipe. Top of laundry tub must be at least 24" (60 cm) above floor; install no higher than 49" (125 cm) from bottom of washer. Top of standpipe must be at least 24" (60 cm) high; install no higher than 49" (125 cm) from bottom of washer. If you have an overhead sewer and need to pump higher than 96 inches, a sump pump and associated hardware are needed. € Minimum siphon break height: 28" (710 mm) from bottom of washer. 19 Electrical Requirements Installation Instructions NOTE: To avoid floor damage, set washer onto cardboard before moving it. It is recommended that a separate circuit breaker serving only this appliance be provided. N This washer is equipped with a power supply cord having a 3 prong grounding plug. N To minimize possible shock hazard, the cord must be plugged into a mating, 3 prong, grounding-type outlet, grounded in accordance with local codes and ordinances. If a mating outlet is not available, it is the personal responsibility and obligation of the customer to have the properly grounded outlet installed by a qualified electrician. [. . . ] Service to correct improper product maintenance or installation, installation not in accordance with electrical or plumbing codes, or correction of household electrical or plumbing (i. Defects or damage caused by the use of non-genuine Whirlpool parts or accessories. Damage from accident, misuse, abuse, fire, floods, acts of God, or use with products not approved by Whirlpool. Repairs to parts or systems to correct product damage or defects caused by unauthorized service, alteration, or modification of the appliance. [. . . ]


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