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Manual abstract: user guide WMF MINI YAOURTIERE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] We accept no liability for any damage caused if the instructions in this manual are not followed. Keep this instruction manual in a safe place and pass it on to any subsequent user together with the appliance. The appliance is not intended for commercial use, but only for the preparation of household quantities of food. Observe the safety information when using the appliance Technical data Rated voltage: Power consumption: Protection class: 220–240 V ~ 50–60 Hz 15 W II Additional safety instructions ▪▪ Only connect the appliance to sockets that have been installed pursuant to regulations. [. . . ] –▪ Press the On/Off button (4) again to start the preparation process. At the end of the preparation time, an acoustic signal is emitted and the device switches off automatically. –▪ Note: To switch off the yoghurt maker early, press the On/Off button (4) for longer than 3 seconds. –▪ When preparing fruit yoghurt, add the fruit to the warm yoghurt and then let it cool. –▪ If required, you can write on the surface of the lid (3) to ▪▪ record the best before date and the type of yoghurt. –▪ Do not keep the prepared yoghurt in the refrigerator for more than 10 days. –▪ The break-proof Tritan® yoghurt mug is particularly well suited for transporting prepared yoghurt. Recommended preparation times: Whole milk: 10 or 12 hours Skimmed milk: 12 hours Soya milk: 10 or 12 hours Boiled raw milk: 10 hours These times apply to milk at room temperature. You can use several types of fermentation product: ⋅⋅ a dry or freeze-dried yoghurt culture ⋅⋅ a natural yoghurt ⋅⋅ a yoghurt from a previous preparation cycle Recommended recipes: Vanilla yoghurt: Ingredients: 350 ml milk 100 g natural yoghurt 0. 5 tsp whole cane sugar Preparation: Mix together the milk at room temperature with the vanilla sugar and full cane sugar. Stir the natural yoghurt with the milk powder and mix into the milk mixture with a whisk. Pour the mixture into the yoghurt mug and place this in the yoghurt maker for 10 hours. Use a spoon to test whether the required consistency has been achieved, and either remove the yoghurt or extend the preparation time by an additional hour. Let the yoghurt cool in the refrigerator and store in the refrigerator until consumption. Vegan yoghurt with coconut and almond milk: Use Up to three yoghurts can be prepared at one time with the WMF KÜCHENminis® yoghurt maker. an accessories set with an additional 3 yoghurt mugs (150 ml) is also available. They can be stored in the storage area on the lid (1) intended for this purpose. In principle, any type of milk can be used: full or skimmed pasteurised milk, full or skimmed UHT-sterilised milk, raw milk, soya milk, almond milk or powdered milk. Homogenised milk (UHT milk) is best suited to the fermentation process. Any other type of milk should briefly be heated to 90° C (just short of boiling) and then cooled to 40° C. The yoghurt maker has an electronically controlled temperature regulator so that the fermentation process can progress. Ingredients: 2 g yoghurt culture 175 ml coconut milk 275 ml almond milk 0. [. . . ] Never insert it into a socket outlet as there is a very great risk of an electric shock. –▪ The replacement of the plug at the mains lead has to be done according to the following instructions: Warning - This appliance must be earthed!–▪ If a 13 A (BS 1363) plug is used it must be fitted with a 3 A fuse conforming to BS 1362 and be ASTA approved. If any other type of plug is used, the appliance must be protected by a 5 A fuse either in the plug or adapter or at the distribution board. [. . . ]


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