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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] G Network Receiver Owner’s Manual • The R-N303 and R-N303D network receivers allow you to play back sound in high-quality stereo at your own home. € This manual explains preparations and operations for everyday users of the unit. The precautions listed below are to prevent risk of harm to the user and others, as well as to prevent property damage, and to help the user use this unit properly and safely. After reading this manual, be sure to keep it in a safe place where it can be referenced at any time. [. . . ] You can also use the following steps to cancel registration of a station. You can clear radio stations that are registered to the preset numbers. Cursor keys  /  ENTER HOME ENTER RETURN SETUP VOLUME NOW PLAYING OPTION OPTION MUTE 24 En Listening to FM/AM radio Radio Data System tuning (Only for U. And Europe models) Radio Data System is a data transmission system used by FM stations in many countries. The unit can receive various types of Radio Data System data, such as “Program Service”, “Program Type, ” “Radio Text” and “Clock Time”, when it is tuned into a Radio Data System broadcasting station. Note “Program Service”, “Program Type”, “Radio Text”, and “Clock Time” are not displayed if the radio station does not provide the Radio Data System service. – Receiving traffic information automatically (R-N303 only) When “TUNER” is selected as the input source, the unit automatically receives traffic information. To enable this function, follow the procedure below to set the traffic information station. Use the cursor keys ( / ) to select “TrafficProgram” and press ENTER. INFO Program Type Item name STEREO SP A TUNED • To search upward/downward from the current frequency, press the cursor keys (/) while “READY” is displayed. About 3 seconds later, the corresponding information for the displayed item appears. The following screen appears for about 3 seconds when the search finishes. 00 CLASSICS Information Program Service Program Type Radio Text Clock Time Frequency Program service name Current program type Information on the current program Current time Frequency STEREO SP A TUNED FINISH TP FM101. 30MHz TUNED Traffic information station (frequency) Note “TP Not Found” appears for about 3 seconds when no traffic information stations are found. 25 En English BASIC OPERATION Cursor keys  /  ENTER ENTER Listening to DAB radio (R-N303D) DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) uses digital signals for clearer sound and more stable reception compared to analog signals. This unit can also receive DAB+ (an upgraded version of DAB) that allows for more stations using MPEG-4 audio codec (AAC+), which has a more efficient transmission method. Preparing the DAB tuning Before tuning in to DAB stations, an initial scan must be performed. When you select the DAB for the first time, the initial scan is performed automatically. To listen to a DAB station, connect the antenna as described in “Connecting the DAB/FM antenna (RN303D)” (p. Selecting a DAB radio station for reception You can select a DAB radio station from the stations stored by the initial scan. During the scan, the progress is displayed on the front panel display. When the scan is complete, the top of the list of the scanned stations appears on the front panel display. [. . . ] 120 or more • Maximum effective output power (1 kHz, 10% THD, 8Ω) [General model] . 9 lbs) * The contents of this manual apply to the latest specifications as of the publishing date. To obtain the latest manual, access the Yamaha website then download the manual file. You have the right to obtain, duplicate, modify, and redistribute this open-source code only. [. . . ]


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