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[. . . ] 88 Português Русский English z (power) key Turns on the power of this unit or sets it to the standby mode. Do not use for applications requiring high reliability, such as managing lives, health care or high-value assets. 1 2 To assure the finest performance, please read this manual carefully. Install this sound system in a well ventilated, cool, dry, clean place - away from direct sunlight, heat sources, vibration, dust, moisture, and/or cold. [. . . ] € Prepare speaker cables in a place away from the unit, to avoid accidentally dropping wire strands into the unit's interior which could result in a short circuit or malfunction of the unit. € Improper connection of speaker cables could cause a short circuit resulting in damage to, or malfunctioning of, the unit or speakers. € Carefully remove approximately 10 mm 10 mm (3/8") of insulation from the speaker(3/8") connection ends of the cables, and twist the bare wires of each speaker cable together firmly. € Do not allow the bare wires of separate speaker cables to come into contact with one another. 4 10° to 30° 5 10° to 30° 1 Front speaker (L) 2 Front speaker (R) 3 Center speaker 4 Surround speaker (L) 5 Surround speaker (R) 9 Subwoofer – Do not allow speaker cable bare wires to come into contact with metal parts on the unit (rear panel and screws). If “Check SP Wires” is shown on the front display when the unit is turned on, turn off the unit and be sure that speaker cables have not caused a short circuit. 2) 3 4 ARC (BD/DVD) HDMI HDMI HDMI HDMI HDMI HDMI HDMI input HDMI HDMI output HDMI HDMI HDMI output TV BD/DVD player Satellite/cable set top box 8 En 4 Connecting the FM/AM antennas Fix the end of the FM antenna to a wall. FM antenna (supplied) Assembling the AM antenna Place the AM antenna on a flat surface. aM antenna (supplied) Hold down Insert Release En 9 5 Note Preparing a network connection Prepare a wired or wireless network connection in accordance with your network environment. The wireless antenna must be raised if the unit will be connected to a Bluetooth device. Wired network connection Network cable Wireless network connection Internet Raise the wireless antenna so that it is standing up straight. (Procedures for connecting the unit to a wireless router are described in step . Router Modem 10 En 6 1 Connecting the power cable to an AC wall outlet, and turning on the unit 2 Press z (receiver power) to turn on the unit. The Network Setup screen shown below will be displayed on the TV when the unit is turned on for the first time after purchase. It may take several tens of seconds for the screen to be displayed (WAC: Wireless Accessory Configuration). Network Setup WAC Before connecting the power cable (Taiwan, Brazil and General models only) Set the switch position of VOLTAGE SELECTOR according to your local voltage. ZONEA ZONE A ZONE B SLEEP z NET RADIO Plug the power cable into an AC wall outlet. SCENE BD DVD STRAIGHT You can share the network’s wireless (Wi-Fi) setting with this device using a device TV DIRECT ENHANCER BASS with iOS7 or later. pROGRAM ↓ NEXT To perform network setup using another method , press ENTER. This app allows you to listen to music stored on your smartphone or other mobile device, or on servers, and to listen to Internet radio stations. It also allows you to play this rich variety of music content on all devices in the MusicCast network at the same time. 1 2 Install the MusicCast CONTROLLER app your mobile device, and open the app. [. . . ] €STEREO” lights up when the unit is receiving a stereo FM radio signal. Setting the frequency steps (Asia, Taiwan, Brazil and General models only) At the factory, the frequency step setting is set to 50 kHz for FM and 9 kHz for AM. Depending on your country or region, set the frequency steps to 100 kHz for FM and 10 kHz for AM. 3 Press PROGRAM on the front panel repeatedly to select “TU”. [. . . ]


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