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[. . . ] If the hob installation instructions specify a greater distance, it must be taken into account. The air collected must not be conveyed into a duct used to blow off smokes from appliances fed with an energy other than electricity (central heating systems, thermosiphons, water-heaters, etc. Comply with the official instructions provided by the competent authorities in merit when installing the disposal duct. In addition, exhaust air should not be discharged into a wall cavity, unless the cavity is designed for that purpose. [. . . ] Warning: Failure to install the screws or fixing device in accordance with these instructions may result in electrical hazards. The appliance must be installed by a qualified person in compliance with the instructions provided. Avoid using materials which could cause spurts of flame (flambées) near the appliance. When frying, take particular care to prevent oil and grease from catching fire. To avoid possible risks of fire always comply with the indicated instructions when cleaning grease filters and when removing grease deposits from the appliance. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way by a person responsible for their safety and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. Caution: accessible parts may become hot when used with cooking appliances. This kitchen hood is intended for installation in domestic kitchens above cooktops, cooking devices and similar kitchen equipment. For better efficiency, we recommend installing the hood in the ducting version (if possible). Ducting version The hood purifies the air and evacuates it to the outside through an exhaust duct. Filtering version The hood purifies the air and recycles the clean air back into the room. Any fat deposits should be removed from the appliance periodically depending on amount of use (at least every 2 months). painted appliances on the outside, use a cloth dipped in lukewarm water and neutral detergent. To clean steel, copper or brass appliances on the outside, it is always best to use specific products, following the instructions on the products themselves. To clean the inside of the appliance, use a cloth (or brush) dipped in denatured ethyl alcohol. Clean grease filters in relation to use, at least every 2 months to prevent the risk of fire. If washing in the dishwasher, possible discoloration of the filters does not in any way compromise their functioning. The activated charcoal filter is not washable and cannot be regenerated, and must be replaced approximately every 4 months of operation, or more frequently for particularly heavy usage. If the timer is active, the number correspondent at the speed flashing. [. . . ] Dette kan gjøreshvis de er under tilsyn eller har blitt instruert om regler for bruk av enheten på en sikker måte av en person som er ansvarlig for deres sikkerhet og forstår risikoen knyttet til enheten. Sørg for at have følgende oplysninger parat, når du kontakter det autoriserede servicecenter: Model, Produktkode (PNC), Serienummer. Hvis forsyningskablet er beskadiget, skal det udskiftes ef producenten eller dennes tekniske serviceafdeling, eller af en person med lignende kvalifikationer, for at undgå enhver form for fare. Model DGB3850M: Tast P1: Tænd/ Sluk kontakt for motorens første hastighed. [. . . ]


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