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[. . . ] --farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments. If the socket does not match the refrigerator plug, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. A specially grounded plug has been connected to the power cable of your refrigerator. This plug should be used with a specially grounded socket of 13 amperes. [. . . ] This should be done before placing food in the fridge. Before using your fridge, wipe all parts with warm water added with a tea spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, and then rinse with clean water and dry. When it is operated for the first time or after transportation, keep your fridge in the upright position for 3 hours and plug it on to allow efficient operation. Otherwise, you may damage the compressor. Your fridge may have a smell when it is operated for the first time; the smell will fade away when your fridge starts to cool. This presentation is only for information about the parts of the appliance. Parts may vary according to the appliance model. It ensures that the temperature settings in the cooling and freezing Compartments of your refrigerator are performed automatically. As you turn the thermostat setting knob from 1 to To save energy in winter months, operate your Your temperature adjustments will not be deleted when an energy breakdown occurs. Do not pass to another adjustment before completing an adjustment. Temperature adjustments should be made according to the frequency of door openings, the quantity of food kept inside the fridge and ambient temperature of the place of your fridge. Your fridge should be operated up to 24 hours according to the ambient temperature without interruption after being plugged in to be completely cooled. Do not open doors of your fridge frequently and do not place much food inside it in this period. A 5 minute delaying function is applied to prevent damage to the compressor of your fridge, when you take the plug off and then plug it on again to operate it or when an energy breakdown occurs. Your fridge will start to operate normally after 5 minutes. Your fridge is designed to operate in the ambient temperature intervals Stated in the standards, according to the climate class stated in the We do not recommend operating your fridge out of stated This appliance is designed for use at an ambient When the humidity controler in the closed position, it allows fresh fruit and vegetables to be stored longer. In case of the crisper is totally full, the fresh dial is located in front of crisper, should be opened. By means of this the air in the crisper and humidity rate will be controlled and endurance life will be increased. If you see any condensation on glass shelf, humidity control should be taken into the open positions. Bottle holder (In some models) In order to prevent bottles from slipping or falling over, you can use the bottle holder. This will also help to prevent the noise made by bottles when opening or closing the door. Adjustable Door Shelf (In some models) Six different height adjustments can be made to provide storage areas that you need by adjustable door shelf. [. . . ] Carry your fridge in the upright position. If your fridge is not working properly, it may be a minor problem, therefore check the following, before calling an electrician to save time and money. What to do if your appliance does not operate; Check that; ?There is no power, · The general switch in your home is disconnected , · The socket is not sufficient. [. . . ]


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