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[. . . ] When the booster function is activated, and not to exceed the maximum power, the electronic system orders to reduce automatically the power level of an other heating zone. The display is blinking on [ 9 ] during a few seconds and then shows the maximum of power allowed ( [ 6 ] or [ 8 ] ). The other heating zone: (example: power level 9) [ 9 ] goes to [ 7 ] depending the type of zone Thank you for having chosen our induction ceramic hob. In order to make the best use of your appliance, we would advise you to read carefully the following notes and to keep them for a later consulting. [. . . ] This diameter is varying in function of the heating zone diameter. If the pan is not adapted to the induction hob the display will show [ U ]. Your ceramic hob is equipped with electronic controls with sensitive touch keys. When your finger presses the key, the corresponding command is activated. This activation is validated by a control light, a letter or a number in the display and/or a "beep" sound. In the case of a general use press only one key at the same time. You must first switching on the hob, then the heating zone: Press selection key from the zone If no action is made within 20 second the electronics returns in waiting position. The induction doesn't work: If there is no pan on the heating zone or if this pan is not adapted to the induction. In this case it is impossible to increase the power and the display shows [ U ]. This symbol disappears when a pan is put on the heating zone. If the pan is removed from the heating zone the operation is stopped. The symbol [ U ] disappears when the pan is put back to the heating zone. The cooking continues with the power level setted before. After use, switch the heat element off: don't let the pan detection [ U ] active After the switch off of a heating zone or the complete stop of the hob, the heating zones are still hot and indicates [ H ] on the display. The symbol [ H ] disappears when the heating zones may be touched without danger. As far as the residual heat indicators are on light, don't touch the heating zones and don't put any heat sensitive object on them. The booster function [ P ] grants a boost of power to the selected heating zone. If this function is activated the heating zones works during 5 minutes with an ultra high power. The booster is foreseen for example to heat up rapidely big quantities of water, like nuddles cooking. Action Zone selection Increase power Start up the booster Stop the booster Control panel Press selection key from the zone Press key [ + ] Press key [ + ] Press key [ - ] The timer is able to be used simultaneous with all 2 heating zones and this with different time settings (from 0 to 99 minutes) for each heating zone. Setting and modification of the cooking time : Press selection key from the zone After a few seconds the control light stops with blinking. The time is confirmed and the cooking starts until the time reaches [ 00 ]. [. . . ] If [ E 4 ] displaying remains, please call the customer care The hob or the cooking zone doesn't start-up : The hob is badly connected on the electrical network. The sensitive keys are covered with grease or water. The pan is not compatible with induction. The bottom diameter of the pan is too small. [. . . ]


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