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[. . . ] Should be supervised to ensure that - Connect the appliance to a base with an earth They do not play with the appliance. - The appliance's plug must fit into the mains Do not alter the plug. - Do not allow the power cord to hang or to come into contact with the hot surfaces of the appliance. - As an additional protection to the electrical supply for the appliance, it is advisable to have a differential current device with a maximum sensitivity of 30 mA. [. . . ] Use and care: - Fully unroll the appliance's power cable before each use. - Do not turn the appliance over while it is in use or connected to the mains. - Unplug the appliance from the mains when not - Do not cover or obstruct any of the openings of the appliance. - Do not cover or obstruct the sides of the appliance, and leave a minimum Space of 50cm front other walls, ceiling. - The plug must be easily accessible so it can be disconnected in an emergency. - To achieve the highest efficiency from the appliance it should be situated in a place where the atmospheric temperature is between 12 and 32ºC. Timer function: - The appliance´s operating time can be controlled from 1~24h. If you press the button once, the appliance will working 1 hour, if you press twice, 2 hours etc up to 24 hours. - Under the cooling and heating mode, the setting temperature ranges from 16º~31ºC. - Do not add new sections to the extraction tube provided, as it could cause the appliance to malfunction. Assembly of the exhaust hose - Lengthen one head of the hose, and spin the exhaust hose into exhaust connector (counter-clockwise). Instructions for use Use: - Unroll the cable completely before plugging it in. - Press the ON/OFF button, the unit will enter in cooling mode with low fan speed. dehumidifying mode: - Press "MODE" to select dehumidifying mode , dehumidifying mode indicator turns on. - Under dehumidifying mode, sleeping function cannot be setup, and fan speed is low. Sleeping mode: - Press key "SLEEP" enters into sleeping mode, default value of fan speed is low. - When sleeping mode turns on , under cooling mode, the first one hour later, setting temperature will go up 1ºC, the second one hour later, setting temperature will go up another 1ºC, and then keep the same . Fan Speed: - Under the cooling and the fan mode, the speed goes as follow: Compressor protection: - Three minutes later after power on / restart, compressor starts to run. Water tank full protection: - When the water level in the bottom water plate is above the warning level, the unit will alert automatically a. -Please discharge water in the machine according to chapter "water drainage". [. . . ] - Coil the wire and bind it together, then put it into the accessories room. Anomalies and repair - Take the appliance to an authorised technical support service if product is damaged or other problems arise. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the appliance yourself as this may be dangerous. - If any anomaly is detected, check the following table: Anomalies The unit does not work The unit does not seem to perform The unit noise is too high Compressor does not work Causes - No power supply - Water full indicator illuminate - Indirect sunlight - Window or doors open - Filter is very dirty - Air inlet or air outlet is blocked - Room temperature is lower than the setting one. [. . . ]


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