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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] WARNING: read thoroughly the instruction booklet before using the machine. Engine operation speed [4] Machine weight [5] Cutting width cm [6] Cutting means code [7] Acoustic pressure level (max. ) [8] Measurement uncertainty [9] Acoustic power level measured (max. ) [12] OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES [13] Mulching kit [14] OPTIONS [15] Vertical storage * Please refer to the data indicated on the machine's identification plate for the exact figure. [. . . ] use this Machine at reasonable times of the day only (not early morning or late evening when the noise could cause disturbance). Comply with local regulations for the disposal of packaging, deteriorated parts or any elements with a strong environmental impact; this waste must not be disposed of with regular waste, but must be separated and taken to collection centres, who will recycle the materials. When the machine is withdrawn from service, do not dispose of it in the environment, but take it to a waste disposal facility in accordance with the local regulations in force. The machine is essentially composed of a motor which drives a cutting means enclosed in a casing, equipped with wheels and a handle. The operator is able to operate the machine and use the main controls, always staying behind the handle at a safe distance from the rotating cutting means. If the operator leaves the machine, the motor and cutting means will stop within a few seconds. Intended use This machine is designed and built to cut (and collect) grass in gardens and grassy areas, with a height according to its cutting capacity, driven by an operator walking behind it. Mow the grass and discharge it on the ground through Mow the grass and discharge it on the ground laterally Mow the grass, chop it and discharge it on the ground (mulching effect - if available). The use of special attachments provided for by the Manufacturer as original equipment or which may be purchased separately, allows this work to be done in various operating modes, illustrated in this manual or the instructions that accompany the single attachments. 1 Improper use Any other usage, different than the afore-mentioned may be hazardous and harm persons and/or damage things. Examples of improper use may include, but are not limited to: · Allowing children, animals or other passengers on the Machine as they could fall off and injure themselves or compromise safe driving by the operator; · Letting oneself be transported by the machine; · Using the machine to tow or push loads; · Using the cutting means on surfaces other than grass; · Using the machine for leaf or debris collection; · Using the machine to trim hedges, or for cutting vegetation other than grass; · Using of the machine by more than one person. IMPORTANT Improper use of the machine will invalidate the warranty, relieve the Manufacturer from all liabilities, and the user will consequently be liable for all and any damage or injury to himself or others. Their function is to remind the operator of the correct conduct for use, with due care and caution. Remove the spark plug cap and read the instructions before carrying out any maintenance or repair work. Write the identification data of the machine in the specific space on the label on the back of the cover page. IMPORTANT Quote the information on the product identification label whenever you contact an Authorised Service Centre. IMPORTANT The example of the Declaration of Conformity is provided on the last pages of the manual. 1 Safety check before every use · Check the integrity and the correct mounting of all components of the machine; · Make sure that all fastening devices are correctly tightened; · Keep all surfaces of the machine clean and dry. The levers should return automatically and rapidly to the neutral position, the motor must switch off and the cutting means must stop within a few seconds. If any of the results fail to match the indications provided in the tables, do not use the machine!Contact an Authorised Service Centre to have it checked and repaired if necessary. NOTE Start up the machine on a flat surface without obstacles or high grass. [. . . ] Put the machine in vertical position and carefully fold the handle in closed position and tighten the levers (Fig. 27); Store the machine so as to avoid risk in the event of accidental contact with people, children or animals. Do not attempt to store in vertical position machines that have not been designed for this purpose. To wash the internal part of the cutting means assembly, proceed as follows (Fig. [. . . ]


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