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Mode d'emploi ALPINA AL4 46
Manual abstract: user guide ALPINA AL4 46

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] WARNING: read thoroughly the instruction booklet before using the machine. Engine operation speed [4] Machine weight [5] Cutting width cm [6] Cutting means code [7] Acoustic pressure level (max. ) [8] Measurement uncertainty [9] Acoustic power level measured (max. ) [10] Acoustic power level guaranteed [11] Vibration level (max. [. . . ] IMPORTANT The machine must be used by one operator. Their function is to remind the operator of the correct conduct for use, with due care and caution. Read the instructions before operating the machine warning!Do not put hands or feet inside the compartment of the cutting means. Remove the spark plug cap and read the instructions before carrying out any maintenance or repair work. Keep all persons away from the work area whilst working. Do not put hands or inside the housing of the cutting means. Order replacement decals from an Authorised Service Centre. Nominal power and maximum operating engine speed. Write the identification data of the machine in the specific space on the label on the back of the cover page. IMPORTANT Quote the information on the product identification label whenever you contact an Authorised Service Centre. IMPORTANT The example of the Declaration of Conformity is provided on the last pages of the manual. B) in the discharge opening, keeping it slightly tilted to the right. 1) into the holes provided until clicks into place. C) and lift the side discharge guard (Fig. C) and lift the side discharge guard (Fig. 15/16) Do this when the cutting means is stationary. Always carry out the safety checks before use. 1 Safety check before every use · Check the integrity and the correct mounting of all components of the machine; · Make sure that all fastening devices are correctly tightened; · Keep all surfaces of the machine clean and dry. The levers should return automatically and rapidly to the neutral position, the motor must switch off and the cutting means must stop within a few seconds. The wheels should move the machine forward. The wheels should stop and the machine stops moving forward. [. . . ] Check all fasteners ; Safety checks/check controls; Check the rear/lateral discharge guards; Check the grass catcher bag and lateral discharge chute; Check the cutting means. General cleaning and inspection; Checking for any damage to the machine. If necessary, contact the authorised service centre. Replacing the cutting means ENGINE Checking/topping up fuel level; Check/top-up engine oil Air filter check and cleaning; Spark plug contacts check and cleaning; Spark plug replacement; Charging the battery After each use - *** Operation to be performed at the first signs of any malfunction *** The operation must be carried out by your Dealer or a Authorised Service Centre If problems persist after having performed the above operations, contact your dealer. [. . . ]


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