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[. . . ] The pilot light 6 comes on and 13 flashes while the machine heats up, until the right temperature is reached. Press the coffee switch 1 and let approximately half a tank of clean water flow through. If no coffee comes out After a period without use After making steam If the tank has been emptied Figure 1 NB!The quality of the water will affect the taste and quality of your coffee as well as help avoid future malfunctions. [. . . ] Once the function has been activated, it returns to its original position. The switch does not have to stay in the working position; once the programmed amount of coffee has been obtained, the function will stop automatically. To programme the dose at either of the two selections, just turn the switch to the desired position until the required amount is obtained. The pilot light 12 will flash faster for about 10 seconds before steam is generated. When finished, turn the water/ steam knob 4 and the steam switch 3 off. If you want to obtain more than three consecutive cappuccino services, or make more coffee afterwards, see sections 2B and 2C. The steam generation system includes a safety limit that cuts off the service after 3 minutes of continual operation. When the steam service is finished, the machine temperature will be too high to make coffee. The pilot light 13 will flash until the machine returns to the correct temperature and the screen 21 will flash the pre-set coffee temperature. After each use it is advisable to release steam for 5 seconds to clean the tube and prevent blockage. TEXTURE: Obtaining cream To obtain what is known as a ‘velvety’ consistency, place the frother nozzle just beneath the surface of the milk. To do this, move the nozzle at different angles (constantly under the surface of the milk) to attain an emulsion with the circulating air. Remember to move the jug and keep the steam nozzle very close to the surface of the milk. Upon completion of this operation, the milk will be textured but still cold. TEMPERATURE: Heating the milk Once you have obtained the texture, submerge the steam nozzle as far as you can into the jug. Move the jug in circles to heat the milk until it reaches the temperature you want. Texturing should be done immediately beneath the milk’s surface, while the nozzle should be placed deeper for heating. Beyond this temperature you will scald the milk and it will not be suitable for cappuccino. To change it, press button 22 , the screen will display the message PrG, indicating that it is in temperature programming mode. If three seconds pass without a button being pressed, the system will return to its initial state. Pre-infusion, selecting a pump activation time during the process, from 0 (off) to 5 seconds. This function 28 ascaso The table of parameters and available values is given below: Param. [. . . ] EC Declaration of Conformity ASCASO FACTORY SLU declares that the product covered by this statement, Espresso coffee machine, meets the requirements set out in Council Directive 89/392/EEC of 14 June 1989 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to machinery, Council Directive 73/23/ EEC on electrical equipment and Council Directive 89/392/EEC on electromagnetic compatibility. Probe fault Steam exchanger fault Internal fault ON ON ON ON ON ON ON OFF OFF Flashing 2Hz Flashing 4Hz Flashing 2Hz Flashing 2Hz OFF OFF Flashing 2Hz Flashing 2Hz Flashing 2Hz Flashing 2Hz Flashing 4Hz OFF — E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 E98 33 ENGLISH ascaso 13. The grind you are using is too coarse and/or the coffee has not been properly tamped down. The grind you are using is too coarse, there is not enough coffee or it has not been properly packed. [. . . ]


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