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[. . . ] AT-LP60-BT Wireless Turntable Installation and Operation Pages 2-9 AT-LP60-BT Tourne-disque sans fil Installation et utilisation Pages 10-17 AT-LP60-BT Tocadiscos inalmbrico Instalacin y funcionamiento Pginas 18-25 IMPORTANT: Turntable belt needs to be attached or turntable will not operate. For assistance, contact our Audio Solutions Department at 330-686-2600 x5000 or audio-solutions@atus. ????? ???? Wireless Turntable Introduction Thank you for purchasing the AT-LP60-BT wireless turntable. AudioTechnica has been a leading manufacturer of innovative stereo phonograph products for more than 50 years. [. . . ] This device complies with RSS-102 radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This device should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20 cm between the radiator & your body. SPEED 33 45 9 10 45-RPM ADAPTER (shown in receptacle) Adapts 7" records with large center holes to fit center spindle. 13 14 15 WIRELESS FUNCTION BUTTON (with Indicator LED)  Use to perform initial pairing with a Bluetooth receiver device (speakers, headphones, receiver, sound bar, et al. 6 STYLUS ASSEMBLY STYLUS (?NEEDLE?) STYLUS GUARD 13 15 14 8 SIZE SELECTOR Select the size of the record: 12" or 7". 7 PLATTER 16 PRE-AMPLIFIER SELECTOR SWITCH (PHONO/LINE)  (On back of turntable) Use PHONO setting when you connect to the phono input on your home stereo via output cable. Use the LINE level when you connect to CD/TAPE/AUX inputs of your home stereo via output cable. 17 ANALOG OUT  Use this output to connect to your home stereo or powered speakers via the included 3. 4 English Initial Setup Assembling the Turntable The AT-LP60-BT requires some assembly before first use. IMPORTANT: Do not connect the AC power cable until assembly is complete. Carefully place the turntable platter on the center spindle, making certain the platter is fully seated on the spindle. While holding both ends of the red tape ribbon on the turntable belt, carefully pull the belt over the brass motor pulley (Fig. (If the belt drops off, remove the turntable platter and put the belt back on it, as described on page 8. ) Once the belt is seated in the pulley?s groove, carefully remove the ribbon. (NOTE: If the belt is not correctly positioned around the motor pulley, the turntable will not operate. Please doublecheck to make sure that the belt is positioned correctly. Hold both sides of the dust cover and pull upward gently and evenly to detach the cover from the turntable (Fig. To re-install the dust cover, guide the dust cover hinges into the two hinge receptacles located at the back of the turntable housing. Setting the Pre-amplifier Selector Switch (PHONO/LINE) For increased flexibility of use, this turntable has an internal stereo phono pre-amplifier. The pre-amplifier selector switch (PHONO/LINE) switch is located on the back of the turntable. Play and enjoy music according to the Automatic Operation (See below) or Manual Operation (See Page 7) instructions. Press and hold the wireless function button for 2 seconds to cut the connection to the Bluetooth receiver device. [. . . ] ) Drive belt Turntable operates, but no sound, or sound not loud enough 1. If the turntable is connected to an AUX (high-level) input: The pre-amplifier selector switch may be set to the ?PHONO?The input gain of the amplified speaker or similar device may be too low. Turntable connected to an amplifier?s PHONO input: If the pre-amplifier selector switch is set to the ?LINE? [. . . ]


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