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[. . . ] Direct Drive Turntable - AT-LP5 with Analog and USB Outputs Platine tourne-disque à entraînement direct AT-LP5 sorties RCA analogiques et USB Giradisco de tracciòn directa AT-LP5 con salidas RCA estéreo analogico y USB Installation and Operation Pages 2-7 Installation et utilisation Pages 8-13 Instalación y funcionamiento Páginas 14-19 Direct Drive Turntable with Analog and USB Outputs Safety instructions 1. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding plug. [. . . ] It is good practice to hold the headshell assembly by the left and right edges of the headshell to reduce the possibility of damaging the stylus or disrupting the cartridge wiring. Figure 4 – Headshell with fitted cartridge 3. While holding the headshell in position, rotate the headshell locking ring counter-clockwise (to the left). As the ring turns, it pulls the headshell into its seated position (rotate the ring a full turn to the right to permit removal of the headshell). With the black dial toward the front, use a screwing motion to attach the counterweight to the arm extending back from the tonearm pivot [Figure 2, page 4, #16]; the counterweight will engage the spiral groove in the rear arm section and move forward. assembling the Turntable Platter and Rubber Mat 1. Carefully place the turntable platter on the center spindle, making certain the platter is fully seated on the spindle. Place the rubber mat on top of the platter. Insert the T-shaped ends of the dust cover hinges into the two hinge receptacles located at the back of the turntable housing. When properly installed, the flat part of the cover hinges should be facing away from the turntable housing at about a 45° angle. Holding the dust cover over the turntable, carefully guide the cover hinges into the two slots molded into the rear of the dust cover. The springs in the hinges allow the cover to be held open at about a 45° angle if desired. (Note: There is only one “open” position; the hinges do NOT permit the cover to stand “straight up. To remove the dust cover from the turntable, gently disengage the hinges from the slots in the cover. This is usually easier when the cover is in the “closed” position. Slowly and carefully lift straight up until the cover is clear of the unit. The hinges may then be removed from the turntable base, if desired. Refer to the specifications section for tracking force value of the cartridge that shipped with the turntable. Analog Audio Connections Connect the audio output cable to the appropriate input sockets on your amplifier, receiver, powered speakers, soundcard or other device based on the setting of the pre-amplifier selector switch. Digital Audio USB Connection to Computers with USB Input The USB cable (included) connects your AT-LP5 turntable to your computer without need for special drivers. Your Audio-Technica AT-LP5 turntable is supplied with Audacity recording software for your convenience. Please note that other third-party software packages are also compatible with this turntable. [. . . ] The pre-amplifier selector switch of the AT-LP5 is set in the wrong position. Verify that it is set to the correct output to match amplifier input. - No sound/very weak sound: Phono Out setting into an Aux/Line input. The tracking force is set too heavy (stylus assembly is bottoming out on record). [. . . ]


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