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[. . . ] Congratulations on purchasing the Velvet Touch Screen oven by Barazza!This safe and reliable high-quality appliance can assist you in your work with long-lasting top-level performance. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes deemed suitable to the product without prior notice. The drawings, installation diagrams and tables contained in this manual are approximate and for informational purposes only. [. . . ] 13), select the desired icons/ values; they will be stored simply by exiting the screen with the button. 15 Avoid using the Touch Screen display with wet or dirty hands (fig. 15), you can lock the functions of the Touch Screen display, thus preventing the accidental activation or modification of the settings. This is a useful safety precaution when there are children in the house. Light button Pressing this icon turns on/off the light inside the oven cavity. Door-opener (only on some models) By pressing this icon, the oven door is automatically, partially opened; complete opening of the door must be carried out manually by gripping it where the thermal protections are located (fig. With models featuring traditional door openings, you must guide the door until it is almost closed; complete door closure takes place automatically. In the instance where the door is not completely open, it will automatically re-close after 5 seconds. Do not force the opening or closing of the door when in automatic mode. With models featuring automated door openings, in the instance of a blackout, taking care not to burn yourself, you are able to open the door by gripping it by the lower corner if it is a side-opening door (fig. 1), by the upper corners if it is a traditional drop-down door, opening any adjacent units in order to facilitate access (fig. Poultry), begins cooking on the outside first, and then the heat penetrates into the depth as well, cooking the interior part known as the “core” of the food. The thermal probe is a shaft to be inserted deep into the food in order to detect its interior temperature during cooking: when the interior temperature remains at 70-80°C for about 10 minutes, the food will certainly be cooked, both internally and externally (Caution!The times and temperatures are approximate and vary from food to food). The values to be set are thus the “core” temperature to be reached and the amount of time for which this temperature must be maintained. During the cooking, these values are always visible on the Touch Screen display. Once the temperature has been reached and maintained for the set time, an acoustic signal is emitted and you can decide whether or not to continue cooking. 19 START: pressing this icon starts the cooking according to the programme set previously. 22) The set cooking parameters can be changed at any time during the cooking. 23) When the cooking is finished you are asked if you would like to store the cooking procedure which just ended, including all the changes made (e. The stored procedure will be named with a generic progressive name RCT_01, RCT_02. Each procedure can be renamed or deleted by pressing “EDIT” or recalled and used by pressing MATIC cooking” . [. . . ] The cooking time is approximately 15 minutes: the pizza is ready when the crust around it is raised and crispy. Note: if you are cooking two pizzas, at point 3) do not switch off the oven but leave the lower heating element on by selecting . MAINTENANCE SAFETY WARNINGS Always switch off the main electrical switch during routine maintenance or if the appliance will not be used for an extended period. Clean the oven after each use once it has cooled: this facilitates the operation and prevents the burning of food residue. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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