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[. . . ] Even a gentle impact on a vehicle can turn a child into For your own safety and that of your child, always put the Child in the child car seat, however short your journey may be. Ensure that the straps under the stomach lie as low as The temperature inside a vehicle may become very high, Particularly after a long period of exposure to the sun. It is strongly recommended, under such conditions, to cover the seat of the car with a piece of material or something equivalent to prevent the harness fixings, and in particular the metal parts, from becoming hot and burning the child. oTHER INSTRUCTIONS: · This child restraint is effective only if the instructions for Always fasten the child restraint even when the child is not The user must always check that any luggage and other Objects likely to cause injury to the occupant of the car seat in the case of impact are properly secured. [. . . ] The harness should be adjusted to the size of the child by adjusting the shoulder straps. 1 - Put the ISEOS car seat Into the reclined position by turning the knob to the left. 3 - P ass the seat-belt between the base and the seat of the child seat. 4 - T ake the seat-belt from the other side of the car seat and fasten securely. 5 - P ass the strap through the strap buckle only on the side with the seat belt inertia reel and lock it. 6 - T ighten the seat-belt by pulling very firmly on the diagonal strap (the strap buckle has a non-return mechanism to keep the strap taut). 7 - S lide the seat-belt through the seat-belt lock at the top of the car seat backrest and pull it tight. IMPORTANT : you have completed the installation of the child car seat, with the 3 point car safety belt. Check that the child car seat Is securely fastened and that it is not twisted. Check that the strap buckle is properly fastened and the seat-belt taut. 2 - P lace the child in the seat, and then unhook the harness shoulder straps from their hooks, and unhook the buckle cover from the adjustment knob. IMPORTANT: always have the wallet in place, even if the instructions are not inside it. Before using the seat again check that the harness is working properly. Before dismantling, note carefully where all the various parts are on the child seat so that everything can be reassembled properly. 1 - L oosen the shoulder straps And release the harness buckle, and then put the seat in the reclined position. 2 - Pass the catch plates for the harness waist straps through the seat shell (on the right and on the left under the seat of the car seat). 4 - Unfasten the harness buckle and pass the catch plate through the seat of the car seat. Before cleaning check the label sewn into the fabric, you will find the Wash symbols indicating the method of washing each item. Machine wash 30 ° Hand wash only Do not use bleach (Chlorine) Do not dry clean Do not tumble dry Do not iron Dear Customer, Thank you for the confidence you have shown in us by choosing one of our products. This certificate indicates that this product has been manufactured according to the applicable quality standards and that it has been subjected to numerous checks during the various manufacturing stages. If in spite of all our efforts a fault should arise during the validity of this certificate, we undertake to respect the provisions of this g guarantee. Guarantee Certificate: Bébé Confort guarantees that this product complies with safety requirements as defined by applicable regulations, and that it has no design or manufacturing faults when purchased by the retailer. [. . . ] After you purchase your product, keepthe sales receipt showing the date of purchase. If a problem should arise, the product must be taken back to the retailer from whom it was bought. Any product sent directly to the manufacturer will not be covered by the guarantee. For restraining devices with the vehicle seat-belt version, please consult the NOTES FOR THE USER below. [. . . ]


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