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[. . . ] Danger of electric shock if live connections are touched and/or the electrical and mechanical configuration is changed. Before cleaning the bean container, pull the mains plug of the appliance out of the socket. Observe the following safety precautions to avoid burning/scalding yourself and/or others: · Do not touch either of the metal sleeves on both Avoid direct contact of the skin with escaping Observe the following safety precautions to ensure safe handling of the coffee machine: · Never play with packaging material. If the connecting cable is damaged, it should only be replaced by a service agent recommended by the manufacturer in order to prevent any danger! [. . . ] It does not contain harmful and prohibited materials specified in the Directive. Packaging materials of the product are manufactured from recyclable materials in accordance with our National Environment Regulations. Do not dispose of the packaging materials together with the domestic or other wastes. Take them to the packaging material collection points designated by the local authorities. Lights up stably: coffee grounds container is full Flashing: Internal Drip Tray/coffee grounds container is missing Lights up stably: Brewer is missing/ installed improperly Flashing: Service door is opened / installed improperly Lights up stably: Requires to do descaling Flashing: Descaling is under process Empty System Function is running In the box, three packs of cleaning agents are included for the process of self-cleaning. Remove any protective films, stickers and any other packing material on the appliance. Choose a safe and stable surface with an easily reachable power supply and allow minimum distance from the sides of the machines. Unwind and straighten the power cord and insert the plug into the socket located on the back of the machine. Insert the other end of the power cord into a wall socket with suitable power voltage. WARNING: When is flashing, the water tank is in low water level and requires filling the water tank. Rinse the water tank with fresh water and then fill the tank to the Max level and place it back into the machine. To prevent overflow of water from the water tank, do not add water directly into the appliance with another container. WARNING: Never fill the water tank with warm, hot, sparkling water or any other liquid which might damage the water tank and the machine. Place the water tank back by Close the water tank by using using the lid as the handle. You can adjust the grinder to suit the roast of your coffee by turning adjuster knob in the bean container: When the grinder is grinding the coffee bean when it is making the coffee, you can turn the adjust knob to do the adjustment. WARNING: Never do the grinding adjustment when the grinder is not operating. Remove the bean contai- Slowly pour in the coffee be- Place the container lid back. Grounded coffee, instant coffee, caramelized coffee and any other objects may damage the machine. Press the hot water button (see page 9 section IV) to clean inside of the coffee maker before first use. Place a cup under the coffee spout and adjust the height of the spout the fit the cup. The espresso button being pressed will light on and the illumination will lights up indicates that the appliance is preparing the cup of coffee. When the appliance is back to standby condition, the coffee is ready to serve. [. . . ] The coffee nozzle will then dispense a small amount of water which is used for the rinising. WARNING: Water comes out of the coffee nozzle is hot and is collected in the drip tray underneath. Check the cable and the Plug No or delayed response in several trials of pressing on function key on the panel Restart after few minutes Clean the panel with the cloth provided The coffee is not hot enough. The cups have not been Rinse the appliance at least 3 times before making the The brewing unit is too cold. [. . . ]


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