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[. . . ] Please read this manual before using the product!Dear Customer, We'd like you to make the best use of our product, which has been manufactured in modern facilities with care and meticulous quality controls. Thus, we advice you to read the entire user manual before you use the product. in Case the product changes hands, do not forget to hand the guide to its new owner along with the product. [. . . ] You may distinguish the freshness of each food pack in this way when you open your freezer each time. Store the food frozen before in the front side of compartment to ensure that they are used first. 50 hours after the fast freeze function was activated, the appliance with automaticly switch to normal function. If there's no intend to freeze new fresh food, do not switch the knob to MAX setting. If the knob is left at the MAX position, since appliance is previously turned to normal running conditions; in order to activate the Quick Freeze Function again, please switch the knob out of MAX position and then switch it to MAX again. For the best possible freezing performance, the fresh food to be frozen should be introduced 24 hours after starting the quick freeze function. T Frozen food must be used immediately after they are thawed and they should not be re-frozen. T Do not freeze too large quantities of food at one time. These settings are recommended when the ambient temperature exceeds 30°C. Use when you wish to freeze your food in a short time. Your product will return to its previous mode when the process is over. Use these settings if you think that your fridge compartment is not cold enough because of the hot ambient conditions or frequent opening and closing of the door. Preserving the frozen food - Active"quick freeze function" at least 24 hour before loading fresh food. Put packages in the freezer as Quickly as possible after purchase without - Place fresh food on the shelves of Check whether the "Use By" and capacity can be achieved by removing "Best Before" dates on the packaging are the drawers Foods to be frozen should not be allowed Ensure that the package of the food to come in contact with the previously According to IEC 62552 standards, the product shall freeze at least 4. 5 kg of food at 32°C ambient temperature to -18°C or lower within 24 hours for every 100-litres of freezer volume. It is possible to preserve the food for a long time only at -18°C or lower temperatures. Boil the vegetables and drain their water in order to store vegetables for a longer time as frozen. After draining their water, put them in air-proof packages and place them inside the freezer. Food such as bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, boiled eggs, potatoes are not suitable for freezing. When these foods are frozen, only their nutritional value and taste shall be affected negatively. You can keep the freshness of food They shall not be spoiled so that they For many months (at -18°C or lower Would create a risk for human health. Various frozen food such as meat, fish, ice cream, vegetables and etc. [. . . ] T Any items placed on the product may cause noise. >>> Remove any items placed on the product. The product is making noise of liquid flowing, spraying etc. There is sound of wind blowing coming from the product. [. . . ]


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