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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 34 Safety instructions 35 Overview37 Controls37 Initial use38 Control panel40 Preparing drinks40 Preparation using coffee beans43 Preparation using milk43 Preparation using ground coffee44 Dispensing hot water44 Personalised drinks45 Adjusting the grind setting46 Child-proof lock46 Menu46 Home Connect48 Care and daily cleaning51 Service programmes54 Tips on energy saving56 Frost protection57 Storing accessories57 Accessories 57 Disposal57 Guarantee57 Simple troubleshooting58 Technical specifications61 (Figure A on the fold-out pages) a Fully automatic coffee machine b Instruction manual c Filter instructions d Installation instructions e Connecting cable f Assembly bracket g Spacer h 5 fastening screws (silver) i 2 fastening screws (long/black) j 2 fastening screws (short/black) k 1 sleeve (black) l 2 sleeves (white) m Quick reference guide n Measuring spoon o Water hardness testing strip p Milk tube (set) q Milk container r Suction pipe On purchasing this fully automatic coffee machine!You have now acquired a high-quality and modern kitchen appliance. It combines innovative technology with a range of functions and is easy to use. It will enable you to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks quickly and simply ­ whether you're in the mood for an invigorating espresso, a creamy cappuccino, a smooth latte macchiato or white coffee, or a traditional cup of coffee. [. . . ] If a new filter is not inserted, select the setting [remove] and press C. The message "Remove filter, reinsert water tank, close door" appears. FFIf the appliance has not been used for a prolonged period (for example, while you are on holiday), the existing filter should be rinsed before the first time the appliance is used again. To do this, simply dispense a cup of hot water. Detailed information about the water filter can be found in the manual supplied with the filter. Home Connect Settings for connection to WLAN network (home network) and mobile devices (see section "Home Connect"). Switch off after To set how long the appliance should wait after the last drink was prepared before it automatically rinses and switches itself off. You can specify values from 15 minutes to 8 hours. Illumination Setting the illumination of the beverage outlet. "on" , "when in use" or "off" can be selected. Brightness illumination Setting the illumination lightness of the beverage outlet. Key tones Switch the signal tones on or off. The setting for this can be changed in the Clock menu option. FFIf the appliance is switched off at the mains or there is a power failure, the settings for the time will be lost. This programme completely empties the appliance. The appliance automatically empties all its pipes. Beverage info Display shows how many drinks have been prepared since its initial use. Factory settings Resets your own settings to the condition when delivered. Touch [Reset] or [Do not reset] to either This fully automatic coffee machine is Wi-Fi-capable and can be remotely controlled using a mobile device (e. The Home Connect App offers additional functions which are a perfect complement to the networked appliance. If the appliance is not connected to the WLAN network (home network), it functions in the same way as a fully automatic coffee machine with no network connection and can be operated as usual via the display. FFPlease ensure that you follow the safety instructions given at the beginning of this instruction manual and that these are also observed when operating the appliance via the Home Connect app and when away from home. [. . . ] Container is outside the range Position the container at the Milk carton is not Confirm the display request With "Yes" or use the enclosed Voltage too high or too low. Have the power supply checked by an expert. Display shows, for example: "Fault: E0510" Proceed according to the display screen. Beans are not falling into the Grinding unit (beans too oily). [. . . ]


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